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Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2019

Are you looking for a family event that has all the excitement–delicious food, fashion vendors, amazing activities, and talented animal performances? Well, The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is the right place for you! The 96th running year of the fair offers activities and events for the whole family and is extremely populated throughout the entire day. It runs through the first few weeks of November annually and is held at Exhibition Place in Toronto

The fair provides plenty of places to eat and shop. It showcases over 5,000 animals and the largest indoor horse show in all of North America. Last year, visitors at the fair spent $16 million at the fair on shopping and food alone. 60% of the fair’s visitors come from more than 40 kilometers away.

“It’s all about the country coming to the city,” said Mr. Johnstone, CEO of the fair. There were multiple petting zoos all around and there were companies who had set up stands to explain the process of how the food we eat is produced. There were also many opportunities to learn about the animals featured at the fair with zoologists and professionals.

Perhaps the grand event of the fair was the famous horse show held annually where professional riders compete in equestrian competitions and compete for prizes. The show features competitors young and old as well as featured performers including Guy McLean who described himself as a horseman, someone who “puts the horse before the man.” This year’s horse show led up to the qualifying competition for the FEI Horse Jumping Internationals and was a very media followed, professional event. Kent Farrington of the United States, who won the $150,000 Longines FEI World Cup, will go on to compete at the international level after taking this momentous first step.

When asked if the fair has any plans for the future, Mr. Johnstone replied with, “We’re now starting our plans for our centennial year, not many fairs can say that.” So no matter when you’re planning to go, you can expect something big in 4 years.

Although this year’s fair has quickly passed by, next years is sure to be even better. So if you are looking for something to bring your families to next year in the month of November, The Royal should definitely be at the top of your list.

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