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Soulpepper – Peter Pan

Eddy Zhang
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On Saturday, December 9th, I got a chance to go to Peter Pan–a Soulpepper production. The Soulpepper theatre was located in The Distillery Historic District, where the Toronto Christmas Market was held. The moment I entered the main gate, I was in a winter wonderland–I saw a tunnel of lights with a fondue inside! Sadly, we had to skip the fun now because we needed to go see the Peter Pan show. However, we will be back after the show. As we entered the Soulpepper building I saw a huge crowd in the lobby. Inside of the theatre, there are many smaller theatres. Peter Pan was held in the Michael Young Theatre.

As I entered, the first thing that caught my attention was all the beautiful lights shining onto the stage. The stage was in the middle of the theatre. All audience sat around it and was able to see the performance from any angles. All of the actors were wearing some type of formal wear except Wendy and her two brothers, who were wearing pajamas. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and the show started.

If you have never seen or read the book Peter Pan before, Peter Pan is a boy who lives in Neverland and can never grow up. Peter Pan tries to convince a girl named Wendy to fly with him to the Neverland to have an adventure. Wendy aks Peter Pan to also teach her two brothers to fly with them. During the adventure, Peter Pan introduces his friends the Lost Boys, Tinkerbell, and his enemy Captain Hook.

A special thing about this play is that all music was played by the actors. Depending on the mood of the scene, the music changes from happy to sad, and then sad to happy.

The costume designer did a great job! My favorite costume was Tinkerbell’s because how sparkly her dress was. The only costume I didn’t like was the pajamas since they were so plain, but I learned it was actually how pajamas looked like in the 19th century.

My favorite part was the representation of Tinkerbell in the play. Because Tinkerbell was a fairy and she was supposed to be really small, so when a regular size person is talking to Tinkerbell, they were holding a little shining ball. Tinkerbell’s tiny voice came in from off the stage.

The lights mostly stayed the same, except a few spotlights on the characters. It was a good idea, but I think they could have included some blue colour into the lighting while Peter Pan and Captain Hook are fighting in the Ocean.

After the Show ended, I had a chance to interview Fiona Sauder who played Peter Pan. Sauder was a big fan of Peter Pan when she was growing up, her friend gave her the Peter Pan book and she fell in love with the story!

“I think that in the story of Peter Pan there isn’t a main character even though the book is named Peter Pan,” Sauder said.  

Sauder loved the part where she gets to fight Captain Hook and she also loved the fight in the water where they hold their breath.

Sauder said that actors have to take care of their voice because as an actor you have to yell a lot to allow the audience to hear you. I asked Sauder for advice about becoming an actor, she said, “if you want to become an actor, you should start reading a lot of books, developing an expressive voice, and be very creative!”

I had a wonderful experience at Soulpepper and would love to visit again!

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