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Beauty and the Beast at Young People’s Theatre

Natalie Su
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Every year, Young People’s Theater puts on joyous holiday shows for the whole family and this season’s Beauty and the Beast will put a smile on your face. Beauty and the Beast is a classic story and as it was quoted in the movie, a “tale as old as time.” Whether you’ve read the book or seen one of the movies, the Young People’s Theatre production will make the story seem new and fresh.

I like the message of this play because it teaches kids to be who they are and to love themselves for that, even when other people don’t understand them.

“Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to be who you authentically are. And sometimes it takes someone else to bring that out in you. This is a story of hope,” Allen MacInnis, Artistic Director, explains what there is to learn from the musical. “Despite appearances, the pretty Belle and the cursed beast are not what everyone assumes them to be. But their true selves could be revealed-if they can find each other in time.”


I love the music in this play. Most of the songs are from the movie, and my favourite is the song called “Gaston.” This was also one of my favourite scenes in the play because it was so full of energy and fun to watch. The keyboard was the main instrument used throughout the musical. I liked the piano because it added more emotion to the songs and background music.

The costumes were another reason I liked the play. A lot of the characters were cursed and turned into inanimate objects. The costume designer had to get very creative with making the actors’ costumes look like household objects like a clock, a candlestick, a teapot, and a feather-duster. In one particular scene where Belle was presented her dinner, and the tableware performed the famous song “Be our Guest”. The cast came out wearing hilarious costumes that resembled forks, spoons, flowers, and my personal favourite, napkins with the napkin ring around their waist. They were so alive and made me laugh out loud when they came out onto the stage and started singing and dancing. They were the highlight of the performance for me.

I would recommend Beauty and the Beast for people of all ages. It runs at the Young People’s Theatre until December 31st.

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Natalie Su

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