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Amazon Adventure 3D at Ontario Science Centre

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Amazon Adventure is a film about an explorer named Dr. Henry Bates who played a major role in the advancement of science. Dr. Bates discovered over 8,000 new species to science and put out the first real proof of evolution’s existence, a feat which seemed impossible at the time.

It took over one hundred scientists and historical advisors over three years to finish researching the Amazon and filming in Brazil and England. The film gets you thinking about many things, such as how Dr. Bates survived in the Amazon for as long as he did, and how he was able to get so close to the species of animals that he studied.

Jonathan Barker, Executive Producer, explained how he wanted kids to be inspired by Dr. Bates and his difficult journey. “Our hope is that kids take away most importantly I think to be inspired by a guy who had a dream, had a quest, and he overcame all these obstacles and kept persevering.” Mr. Barker wants all kids to follow their dreams and not give up.

The story is appealing not only to adults and children. The protagonist, Henry Bates, ventured out on a journey to the Amazon where he stayed for 11 years to prove that evolution was real. The scientist endured trials and tribulations and had his fair share of unfortunate events and sickness. He devoted his life to proving what was impossible at the time.

The writer, Wendy Mackeigan, mentioned how the story was very close to Dr. Bates actual adventure but how she wanted everyone to understand the film with a sense of creativity. She designed a film as to which everyone could understand. She replaced words such as “speciation” to “species come from other species” so that the film would be able to educate a large audience.

Key scientific advisor, Dr. Robert Reed explained how difficult it was to film in the Amazon and research all the information. He described barriers such as dealing with Zika virus. The film was very well made and paid attention to detail. The writers wanted to make the story as accurate as possible to the real Henry Bates’ legacy; from the props to the dialogue, and to the character design, everything was built according to the real history.

There was stunning cinematography in the movie, with many exotic species of animals from the Amazon featured at the center of the screen or in the background It was beautiful to watch as the animals camouflaged into trees and rocks. Even the tiniest katydids climbed from leaf to leaf. The wildlife gave a better sense of the atmosphere in the setting of the movie. It also set the mood of the film, mysterious and new.

The movie teaches us about more than just about the Amazon, it teaches us about endurance and perseverance. It had comedy, a bit of sadness, suspense, and it was educational.

We had an amazing experience watching the movie and it has earned a place in our hearts to tag along with us for the rest of our lives.


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