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Ottawa Celebrates Canada’s 150th Birthday

I went to Ottawa during the Canada day long weekend. There were so many events in Ottawa to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. I would like to share my experience with you.


A live band was celebrating in front of Parliament Hill all day long. U2 band members, Bono and the Edge were performing a special song during the Canada day open celebration at Parliament Hill.


Events were going on everywhere on Canada day, including museums, parks, stores, and others had very special events.

At the Canadian Museum of History, a new exhibit called The Canadian History Hall was opening soon to the public. It shows how Canada started and where we are today in three different sections: Early Canada, Colonial Canada, and Modern Canada.


Jacques-Cartier Park had an event called MOSAÏCANADA 150/Gatineau 2017. The Gatineau exhibit reflected 150 years of history, values, culture, and arts in Canada, represented by some 40 different spectacular arrangements of such as transportation, animals, people, cultures, timelines made of plants and nature.

Canadian Aviation and Space Museum

Our visit to the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum was my favorite during the Ottawa trip, we saw many historical artifacts of warplanes, biplanes, engines, spacesuits, simulators, wooden planes, and generally every kind of aircraft you could think of in the museum.

I also went on a plane ride over Ottawa for fifteen-twenty minutes. The plane flew over the Ottawa river, Parliament Hill, downtown Ottawa, etc. The view was spectacular. I could even see the green mountains in the distance and the little cars on the highways and roads. I also saw the shimmering waters of Ottawa River and the celebrations of Parliament Hill still as cheerful as ever. I would like to experience this again.


Canada’s 150th firework show was ‘on fire’ at 11:30 pm!   Although it was raining periodically, people were still gathering, excited for the moment. It was one of the best firework shows I’ve ever seen! In the midst of the show, I saw spirits dancing like sparkles in the air, leaving lots of room for imagination.  

I hope everyone had a great Canada Day and I’m very proud to be Canadian!

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