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Earth Rangers Canada 150 Celebration

Earth is our home and we will someday leave it in the hands of future generations. That’s why it’s important to educate children on the animals and the environment that they live in. Earth Rangers prides itself in inspiring kids to help protect animals all around the world so the future of our world will be in good hands.

Earth Rangers held a celebration for Canada’s 150th birthday at their Kortright Centre location to thank all of the members for their hard work.

Earth Rangers President, Peter Kendall, describes what the organization does. “Earth Rangers is the kids’ conservation organization, so we run programs that teach kids about the importance of protecting biodiversity and then give them ways to help protect endangered species.”

As an Earth Rangers member, you can run your own fundraising campaigns to fund Earth Rangers conservation projects. You can also participate in missions at home to make your home and lifestyle more wildlife friendly. Kids who are interested can become a member for free by visiting the Earth Rangers website.

I met two sisters named Ella and Lauren who are both Earth Rangers members. Lauren asked her friends to help donate money to her Earth Rangers fundraising campaign in place of her presents. She successfully raised $700 to help the Peregrine Falcon.

Francesco Sorbara, MP for Vaughan-Woodbridge, was at the event. Earth Rangers received a grant of about $4,000 from the Federal government. “We also have ongoing funding for Earth Rangers and support their activities from coast to coast to coast,” Mr. Sorbara explained how the Canadian government is supporting Canada 150 celebrations. “There are four themes with regards to Canada 150 and one of them being diversity and obviously the environment being very important, so along with these four themes, we are celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday and building on that for the next 150 years.”

At the event, there were lots of fun things to do. They had games and activities like ring toss, plant pots to decorate and take home, and a nature scavenger hunt in the woods at the Kortright Centre.

Along with the food and games, there were many animals such as the Three-Banded Armadillo and a Striped Skunk that made an appearance.

My favourite animal to see there was a Harris Hawk named Linus. Found in the Southwest, Harris Hawks hunt in groups, and use their strong claws to grab onto their prey very tightly. Numbers have been declining due to habitat loss and urbanization in their habitats that disrupt breeding and hunting success. The animal handlers let me wear a special glove and had Linus fly to my arm. It was interesting to feel how he would have grabbed on to catch his prey and to get a good look at his long wingspan.

The most interesting thing that I learned about Harris Hawks was that to be able to see far distances, the hawks would stack up to five of them on top of each other on a cactus to create a bird tower.

It was a fun experience to see many of the Earth Rangers members together and sharing their love for Canada and all of its animals. It’s likely that our world will have many bright minds and ideas to lead our future!

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