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Cavalia Odysseo Show Mississauga 2017 Review

Emma Zhang
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Majestic horses running freely through shallow water, elegant acrobats dancing on a magical carousel and graceful riders standing and riding on top of horses—all witnessed by you in less than 2 hours! What else could this be? Cavalia’s Odysseo show is a prodigious experience that is sure to stupefy you. The show had great reviews running in Toronto two years ago. It’s back to Mississauga this year and it’s originally scheduled to run from June 21st to July 16th.  They have just extended two weeks of performance due to the show’s popularity! You can catch the show before July 30th!

On June 24, 2017, we were able to attend the Odyssey show with the Rendez-Vous VIP tickets, representing Voice K. We were dropped off at the majestic and tall white tent. We arrived about an hour early to have a special VIP lunch. We had a large variety of dishes to choose from such as couscous and steak. We were also provided with unlimited drinks. The lunch was very good and we were ready to watch the show with a satisfied stomach and a bag of buttery popcorn.

We had front row seats that gave us a stunning view of the show on the massive stage. The show started off with some trivia about the show. For example, some of the questions included “How many seats are there in Cavalia’s White Top?” and “How many mares do Cavalia own?” The questions got everyone really excited and ready for the show. As soon as the show started, everyone went silent. The translucent curtains showed us a dim image of gorgeous horses waiting for their owners. In the first scene, the riders played with and walked beside their horses. It created a playful environment. Live music was provided by very talented musicians. A singer with a beautiful voice came onto the stage and started singing an energetic song to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Les Anges | Credits : Andrew Miller

There were several different scenes in the show such as Fête du Village, Les Voyageurs, and Carosello. My favorite scene was the one called “Les Anges” which featured four acrobats with silky dresses hanging down from the top. The pulchritudinous acrobats performed beautiful moves while white horses trotted in a circle underneath them. The strikes of soft white and blue lights made the acrobats look even more beautiful. The lighting of the scene created a sense of winter. There were pictures of icicles in the background and all the outfits and horses were a sparkling white. The whole scene was very angelic and splendid.

How should I describe the whole performance? Sumptuous and gorgeous!. Everything in this show blends in really well with one another. The scenes transitioned smoothly from one to the next. Make sure to book your tickets while Cavalia Is still in Mississauga! It’s a decision you won’t regret!

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