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Cavalia Odysseo Media Preview 2017 Mississauga

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Are you interested into horses? If you are, then Cavalia will be a great show for you to watch. On June the 15th, Voice K got a chance visiting the media preview for the “best show in the world.” The Odyssey production started in 2011 and went to many different places all across North America. This amazing show is currently playing in Mississauga at the Hershey Center from June 21st to July 16th.*


Known as the world’s largest touring production, Cavalia combines the acrobats and horses to a never seen before level. Audiences of all ages are welcomed to spend time in the big tent to watch these horses do tricks with their trainers. 65 horses and 48 trainers to put this amazing show in order on stage. It’s like a dream!

There are acrobats in the show who use hula hoops and a tall carousel to do tricks for us and really long dresses! As part of the media, I got the chance to tour the stable and interview trainers and clean a horse horses.

“I started riding about 10 years ago… before I join Cavalia, I was a professional rider, I used to train and ride young horses,” said Steven Paulson, a rider for the show. “My friend joined Cavalia and I thought that was the coolest job ever so I ended up following her and joined as well.”

Paulson always had an interest in training animals. Before getting in the field of training horses, he was a dog trainer. He also hopes to study dolphin in the future.

One thing that I learned is that horses will get dirty very fast and each trainer would need to give their horses showers. Each shower ranges from five to ten minutes. The horses recently went on a vacation to a lavish farm in Burlington, ON. We interviewed Andreanne Dumont, a horse groomer for Cavalia.

“We just came back from a vacation, so we had to take a quite long shower to make sure they are all pretty for you guys!” Dumont said. “They spent a week rolling in the mud and having fun, so [the shower is] definitely more towards ten minutes today.”

Cavalia puts on this show in a big white tent. The tent covers a surface area of 5,425 square metres, the size of a football field. In the tent, you will find enough room to fill a big stage with over 2000 seats, the stables and much more! The top of the stage supports 80 tons of stage equipment!

My experience at the media preview was stunning! I met many horses and got the chance to clean a horse which was awesome in my opinion. What’s even better is that on June 24th, we got 3 free tickets to watch the show in V.I.P seats at 2:00pm. We will keep you updated on the show!

*The show has been extended to July 30th.

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