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Wildlife Rescue Exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre

Wildlife Rescue: Stories of Survival  

This planet is home to both people and animals, but sometimes that’s easy for us to forget. The Wildlife Rescue exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre is spreading awareness about wildlife endangerment from May 18th to September 4th. The interactive exhibit makes this issue come to life for every visitor to see.

Dr. Maurice Bitran, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer at the Ontario Science Centre, explains the importance of the new exhibit. “We need to learn how to share the planet with multiple species of animals, that we’re not the only species that matter, and that some of the things that we do affect animals negatively.”

Wildlife Rescue’s main message is to teach people that animals we take for granted are at danger from people and that we all need to play our part in wildlife conservation.

Inside of the exhibit, Wildlife Rescue includes plenty of fun activities for all ages. There is always something to do. The activities are unique, original, and educational.

One activity lets you feed tiny pebble-like balls into the mouths of fake baby condors to imitate the role of the mother bird. There are also step-by-step activities to teach children how to react in emergency oil spill situations. For example, it shows the process of how to clean a bird after an oil spill. First, we would have to feed it medication so it won’t become sick during the cleaning process. Second, we would apply the detergent on to the bird and rinse the detergent off after we have rubbed the detergent well into the bird’s skin. Third, we would blow dry the bird after the rinse. Finally, we would release the bird into its natural habitat and hopefully let it return to its normal life.

There are many boards and posters that provide information about certain species that are at the state of extreme endangerment, including the black-footed ferret, leatherback turtle, giant panda and much more.

Once we read about these endangered species, we realize what we do to harm them and what we need to do to help

Wildlife Rescue is a very successful and informative exhibit, providing plenty of information and hands-on activities for all ages. After leaving the exhibit, your knowledge for wildlife endangerment will raise to a whole new level.


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