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Family Fan Day at Sony Centre

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Imagine a day where you had the opportunity to meet your favourite stars and have your photo taken with celebrities. You could also see some exotic animals, have a chance to win access to be part of the red carpet experience before the live broadcast of the Canadian Screen Awards, and get free doughnuts. This event is completely free. However much this event may seem like a dream to you, I am telling you I was there on Saturday, March 11th, at Family Fan Day of The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television at the Sony Center! Kids at the event can audition for the title of Jr. Journalist with CBC journalist Dwight Drummond. The two winners would receive a CBC prize pack and be featured on CBC news. I’m sure you can’t guess who won (wink, wink).

When we arrived, the first thing I noticed were the stunning animals. There was a type of lizard that had a blue tongue, an owl that almost looked fake–except the fact that it could turn its head 180 degrees, two adorable baby bunnies with red eyes, and a sweet dog with a lei around its neck that walked around greeting everyone. After I had gotten familiar with all of the animals, I ran to all the stations, each one seeming to be cooler than the previous. The first one was an awesome activity where you could play games such as Flappy Bird and replace the controls on the keyboard with everyday objects such as wooden toy cars and balls of foil. It was so entertaining that I almost forgot about all the other stations until my mom reminded me. I ran to the next station, which was a VR (virtual reality) experience of different things, including a travel through space, a ride in a rollercoaster, and a trip to a haunted house.

The next table that caught my eye was a spot where you could get yourself turned into a cartoon form. We waited a long time just to get our drawing, but with the help of our patience (and a couple of doughnuts), we got a family portrait of all our cartoon selfs. While I was waiting for the rest of my family to be drawn, I went to line up to audition for Jr. Journalist with Dwight Drummond.

I asked him, “If you didn’t choose journalism if you could go back in time and choose another path, what would you do?” Drummond told me he would choose to be a lawyer.

Yay! You made it to the end of the article where I tell you that yes, I did win the audition for Jr. Journalist along with another girl. This experience was amazing and I had so much fun at all the activities and with all the animals. Next year, I hope I can go back again!

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Dea Yu

Dea Yu

Hi everyone, my name is Dea, I am 10 years old. My name is not popular; I only knew one girl whose name sounds the same, but it is spelled differently. Guess how I got this name, my Mom told me she found it on a website called It is a Greek Goddess name who was in charge of beauty. My favourite classes at school are Drama and Music. I love playing acting games with my Drama teacher. I live in Mississauga, Ontario. I like reading and all kinds of arts. I am a Ballet dancer; I had my fourth recital this year. I really enjoy putting on a new costume each year and dancing on the stage. That is it, so far.

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