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TIFF KIDS digiPlaySpace

Imagine a robot that could brush your teeth. What about one that could follow your commands by a series of claps? At the TIFF KIDS digiPlaySpace event, you can find the most modern and cool technology in the world! On Tuesday, March 15, 2016, Voice K journalists got to visit this event .

DigiPlaySpace is a TIFF event in Toronto, located in the TIFF Bell Lightbox. It displays technology from all around the world, including video games, simulators, virtual reality and robots.

“We opened this interactive exhibition so we could expand from film, animation and TV to also have things like video games and interactive projections,” said Nick Pagee, curator of digiPlaySpace. DigiPlaySpace is currently in its fifth year, with 25 interactive installations from nine different countries around the globe. It has toured three cities in China, obtaining more than 72 000 visitors.


“DigiPlaySpace is a great way to get immersed in a playful way, and get experience with all kinds of new media formats.” Pagee explained that it wouldn’t be easy to have access at home to all the entertaining games that you can find at digiPlaySpace. The event took six months, start to finish: half the time looking for all the installations that would be set up, and the other half actually installing them.

Something that really caught my eye was the virtual reality simulator, Wanderment: A Curious Commute. In this simulator, you are a blind cat, and you had to using all your other senses to guide you toward your destination. It was really pretty. There were different lights and colours for different things, and you could vaguely tell what object it was by its shape and colour. It also toyed with your imagination, because not all things were completely solid. You didn’t know if you were jumping over a wall or through a window, but according to your surroundings, you could make it up to fit the scene. There was also a green screen and green blankets that matched the screen colour, so when you wore them, it had an “invisible cloak” effect.

We interviewed some visitors about what their favourite part of the event was.digiPlaySpace “It’s hard to choose, but I would have to say the one where you had to follow the thing that was blind to his friend’s house,” said Nicki Winegarden, a young participant at the event.

“I like the video games because they are fun,” said Angelique, a little girl that was also visiting.

“I like the interactive games, especially the Augmented Reality Sandbox, which is really cool,” commented Bob Anglin. The Augmented Reality Sandbox is a box of kinetic sand, with a projector shining different coloured lights and waves down on the sand so it looks like an actual desert, making pools of water and sand dunes with the light.

DigiPlaySpace was a delightful experience. There were so many video games, it was like a paradise for gamers and children. Sixty whole gallons of paint were used to turn the TIFF Bell Lightbox into digiPlaySpace, proving how much effort was put into the event. DigiPlaySpace only runs until April 24 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, however, it continues to tour to the Minnesota’s Children’s Museum in Saint Paul, Minnesota from May 22, 2016, to September 4, 2016. 

For more information, visit: TIFF Kids

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