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Winter Must Have Items


Although winter is cold, it brings many unique activities and treats that you cannot enjoy in other time of the year: ski and skating, snowball fights, snow fort building, hot chocolate, Christmas gifts and celebrations to name a few. However, you still need to get well-prepared before winter comes and here are the 10 must-have items for this season.

1. Warm clothing

clothing104Every layer counts! The first layer would be your tank top or undershirt, etc. The next layer would be your t-shirt or long sleeve. Pick a lighter sweater so you can wear your natural wool-packed jacket on top of it. Coats allow you to be cozy in the freezing weather and still have fun with your amigos. Among the best-selling winter coats, Canada Goose is a popular brand. Also, the only way to play games in the snow without making your legs shiver is to strap on a pair of snow pants! Don’t forget your scarves, gloves and hats as well! These items can definitely shake off the cold. They should be thick and cover your whole head, ears, and neck and you need water-proof gloves if you wish you to play in the snow. Usually with this advice you’ll look like a puffy ball trying to get around, but that’s okay. If you want to wear more fashionable clothing, go check out the winter fashion articles.

2. Good movie
book264Call your friends, call your teachers, call your family because we’re all going to watch a wonderful movie! A movie can lighten up the whole room. Play a sad one and everyone will feel mournful. But play a happy Christmas one then the whole room will be joyful and content. The best part about playing a good movie is that you can eat good food as well, such as hot chocolate, popcorn and chips!

3. Hot Chocolate

hot51MAKE ME SOME HOT CHOCOLATE!!! Yeah, that’s what I yell once I step into my house after playing in the snow. Winter is the time to have some quality hot cocoa in the family room while watching your favourite Christmas special movies. It keeps you warm, tastes really good and you can add any toppings you want (like marshmallows!). BEST DRINK EVER. Tim Hortons and Rollo flavoured are recommended.

4. A good book

books8Sometimes people tend to be more sedentary during winter months, when the cold keeps them from many of their favorite outdoor activities and the early sunsets tend to make them drowsier. Winter is the perfect time to read that long novel you never seemed to have time for.

5. Good music on a device
music224Everyone loves music. In the past, music has been known as the best medicine for any illness. Even from personal experience music makes everyone feel better. Whether you lost your snowball fight or have a fever, choosing the right song is very important. Go online and search for Christmas/winter songs. Listen to a playlist then fall in love with one song. Works every time.

6. Awesome bed
bed28During this cold, harsh season you want to sleep top notch. And to get a good sleep every night, you’ll need a cozy blanket, a comfy pillow and some small decorations. Everyone has different preferences so all I can say is find the right one for you. Not for your mom or brother but for you. Small decorations can include a cute lamp on your desk and a pretty carpet. Refer to the Christmas decorations article for more ideas.

7. Winter tires

transport117Winter tires – the most important on-the-road appliance needed. You would not want to go ricocheting off a tree. Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter is recommended.


8. Emergency food kit and medicine

medicine14 (1)Prepare for the fury of a winter storm and/or power outage by loading your household fridge with at least 3 days’ worth of extra food and water for the unexpected. Furthermore, there is always a chance of catching a cold in the winter, so have medicines like Tylenol by your side.

9. Pet Clothing

dog65If you are a pet owner, remember your cat or dog needs to be prepared, too! If your pets are always outside, they will need warm shelter and a water bowl that will not freeze. If you have indoor pets, make sure they stay warm with booties and sweaters when you take them outside for a walk.

10. Water
drink81I know, I know you’re probably thinking, “Are you crazy?” But water is actually the most important thing to have in the winter—scientifically, since the weather gets cold outside and we turn up the heat inside. Warmer environments cause dryer air and this could dehydrate our bodies and skin. A glass of warm water or room temperature water once in a while can be the perfect solution to rehydrating our bodies and skin
Try these tips because they sure kept us fine and dandy in this extremely cold season. Don’t forget to try new things and even make your own list of winter must-haves. Be creative, and stay warm!

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