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Top 10 Winter Activities

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I know, winter is on the way (brrr…) and I don’t want to think about it either. However, let’s think of it as a good thing. I will fetch you a few activities to keep you busy during the winter. Get ready to join the fun!

10. Ice Skating

ice79 (1)Skating is not only a winter sport, it’s lots of fun and you should at least try it. Rules: well, no rules really if you are free-skating. If you say, “But I don’t know how to skate!” maybe sign up for a few lessons. Or try this activity: put on your snow pants and jacket, hop in the snow and start making snow angels! For those that don’t know how, just lie down and do jumping-jacks on the snow.

9. Making a Snowman

snow48Make sure that there is enough snow in your yard, then make one small snowball. Continue to roll it on the snow so it becomes a gigantic snowball, then do the same for a smaller one. Place it on top of the first one, and again with an even smaller snowball for the head, before adding some decorations, like a carrot for the nose. If that is too hard, pile up a bunch of snow in the shape of a large cone, then add the decorations to that.

8. Snow Wall/Fortress

mountain40To make a few giant walls that will protect you from stray snowballs, be creative and don’t give up even if your walls fail the first, second, or hundredth time. This activity is mainly a start for number 7, but you can also make a fort just for fun.

7. Snowball Fight

Warning: don’t aim for someone’s head. Gather at least four people (including yourself), and split them into teams. Then, build a snow fortress, or even just a wall, for both teams. Finally, prepare the snowballs (they should be about the size of a base-ball), and start throwing them at each other. Tip: the fortresses should be used as defence.

6. Snow, blah…. I don’t know what it is called

thermometer10Why don’t we move inside? Now. Put a ping-pong ball on the mouth of an open plastic bottle, then crumple up a few pieces of paper into balls. At three metres away from the bottle, try to hit the ping-pong ball at the top of bottle without knocking the bottle over.

5. Uhh… so hard to name

business108Round up a few people and a parent, sort everyone (including the parent) into two teams, each with a blackboard or a whiteboard. Choose one team to go first, in which a person on that team will pull out a topic from a hat or container (the topic has to be about winter). Then, they will give the paper (that has the topic written down) to the parent, who will set a timer for one minute. The person will then draw the topic on the board and his/her team will try to guess the topic before the time runs out. If they cannot guess the word after the timer is done, the opposing team has one guess. If the drawing team guesses it right, they get one point, if the other team gets it using the one guess, they get a point.

4. Weird bag-Skating

Get a few grocery bags and tie them to your feet, then find a gym, somewhere to skate, or play a sport like basketball

3.Tootsie/candy relay

christmas150 (1)Divide a few people into two lines facing two bowls at the end of the room. Get a shoebox and tell the first person in each line to step into the shoebox and wear a pair of mittens. In the bowls, put a bunch of candy or tootsie rolls. The first person has to cross the room to their bowl and pick up a piece of candy with the mittens on and race back to their line (still in the box), then pass the box and mittens to the next person. The first person eats his/her candy. The relay continues until there is no more candy in the bowls.

2. Dress-up

Have two adults sit in chairs, then line up two teams of kids in front of the adults. Put some winter accessories such as mittens and jackets beside the adults, and one at a time, the first person in each line will put one winter accessory on an adult. The first team to finish the dress-up wins.

1. Become Frosty!

toilet8Make a few teams of 4-6 people. Give each team toilet paper, construction paper, tissue paper and newspaper, and use the paper to transform one of their team members into “Frosty the Snowman.” They can use the construction paper to make a hat with openings for the eyes and the nose. Don’t forget to give prizes for: First-completed Frosty, Funniest Frosty, Most Original Frosty etc.

I hope that with the help of this article you will have a lot of fun and excitement during the winter months. Have three months of entertainment and Happy Holidays!

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Edward Wang

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