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How to say sorry to your parents?

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You roll your eyes at your mom. Is this the best way to say sorry to your parents? NO! Personally, I think it is very rude to say sorry by rolling your eyes and crossing your arms. If not, then how? I will share with you some of my tips on how to say “sorry” to your parents.

1. Puppy Eyes Don’t you love seeing the glow in someone’s eyes? Well, I know most parents do. It sounds funny but it actually works. Next time you’re scolded by your dad for cracking the teapot, simply stare at him like a puppy that hasn’t eaten in 2 weeks. Prepare to be surprised!

2. Wait for the moment…. Does saying sorry make you kind of scared or nervous when your mom is writing her resumé and stressed out about handing in a report? If it does, wait and apologize to your mom the moment she’s all happy and done with her work. She’ll probably accept your apology and you two can become besties again!

box23. Gifts! Saying sorry and getting a dress for your mom feels way better than only saying sorry. You’ll be confident and your mom will have one more reason to love you. Pick something special that your mom or your dad will like, such as: flowers, ties, shirts, books, etc.

4. Don’t tell lies! If you lie to your dad or mom, you will feel even worse and guilty than if you had told the truth.

face495. Hugs and Kisses Who doesn’t like a big, warm hug? I know Olaf loves them, but parents do too! Just one little hug or kiss can make them feel happier every day.

sweep36. Chores Doing things that help your parents will make them feel a lot better. How great would you feel if you hired a robot to clean your room? It’s the same feeling for your parents, especially when they see you cleaning the house, washing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom!

Did any of these tips work? It’s okay if they didn’t. You can always just try saying a regular “sorry.” It’s much easier than getting your dad designer leather boots. Now that you know how to say sorry to your parent, you can come up with more ideas if you’d like!

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Emma Zhang

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