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The insider view of the show business

Episode 1 – Getting started

Everything started about two years ago when I went to CNE. Every year CNE is filled with joy and excitement and this year was about to be the same. I started off going on rides and coasters with my brother and we had a lot of fun. Just like any 10 year old, I begged my mom to get candy apples and cotton candy and for the first time she actually said yes!

After a long day while we were leaving, I saw this audition flyer for singers, dancers, models, and actors. At first I didn’t really care, but my mom said “this could be a really good opportunity.” Later that day, my mom got a call telling her more details about the audition. This audition was for an acting and modelling school in Toronto called Barbizon.

I still remember that Sunday when my mom drove me to downtown for an interview and I had a severe stomach pain. I seriously wanted to run back home to avoid this audition. Auditions make me feel icky because at that moment all the pressure is on you. I met one of the kindest people I know. Her name is Pamela. She played a short film about “success stories.” To my surprise many of my favourite actors/actresses went to Barbizon too! For example, Raini Rodgriguez from Austin and Ally and Cameron Ocasio from Sam and Cat.


Slowly I was getting used to my surroundings and I sat back in my seat. Pamela talked about the commitments we had to make in this industry. Every spontaneous rehearsal or meeting was important and we should be prepared in any situation. After the introduction she told us the procedure for our audition. First, we’d all have to line up and walk. At that time I didn’t know why they wanted us to walk; I thought it was kind of weird. But now I know that it was a runway audition. The next thing we had to do was recite a small commercial line. The one I got was “Why have a sad day, when you can have a Benylin day!” I said it with emotion, hand gestures, pace and colour in my voice, all the things I learned at Voice K while interviewing and public speaking.

The final step to wrap up this audition was to perform your talent to one of the judges. The moment I walked in the room I thought I was going to barf. My mom probably used her super mom senses and sensed that I was nervous so she kind of stepped on my foot to tell me it’s ok. Thanks, Mom…. Now I was more scared than nervous. I think Pamela also sensed that I was terrified so she started off just by asking some simple questions like my favourite subject at school and how well I was doing. If you know me, I talk A LOT so I completely forgot about my nervousness and couldn’t stop blabbing.

Before I left I still had to sing a short song. I sang the chorus of “My Heart Will Go On” from The Titanic which had been my favourite since forever. At first I held back a little on my notes because I was scared about messing up. My mom’s eyes were telling me that it was alright just sing your heart out, and that’s what I ended up doing. She said I had an amazing voice and I’d be perfect for the school.

Guess what? It was just like that I passed my first interview! I learned from that day to chill, don’t worry about what will happen, because what good will it do to worry the last second?

“Whatever is going to happen will happen, whether we worry or not.” – Ana Monnar

Learn more about my training in the next issue.

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Sunni Zhou

Sunni Zhou

Hello, my name is Sunni Zhou! I go to Tomken Middle School. I really like singing, dancing, cooking, travelling and everything related to art. A very special thing about me is that I am a journalist and I do lots of thinking, writing, exploring new places, meeting new people and learning new things. If you love having fun, exploring, writing and learning, come to Voice K! I wish I could say more wonderful things about myself and Voice K but I really need to go. BYE!

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