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Is your schedule too full?

Katie Wang
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How do you interpret the word “full”? I think it means that if you don’t have enough time to do your homework, or you have to stay up late or do it on the bus to school, then your schedule is full (or you’re just a procrastinator). Basically, if you are struggling with time on anything—meals, sleep, homework, etc.—then your schedule is full. Some people might think that “full” means that you have a class every day, but that class could only be an hour long and you would still have time to do things, which is why I believe that the word “full” (used in this context) means loss of time.

In my case, my schedule is full because of one main reason: school. My school is in Toronto and I live in Mississauga, so the daily commute is what takes up the most time. I leave the house early in the morning, and I get home at around five o’clock to six o’clock, sometimes even seven o’clock! As soon as I get home, I eat dinner, which takes around half an hour, and then the rest of the night is spending my time either going to a class or doing homework. Then it’s sleep time, and repeat.

If you want to try a new activity and are worried about time, then you should consider priorities first, such as sleep, meals, and school. If this activity gets in the way of those things a lot, then you might want to try to adjust it or change the time of the activity, or maybe even quit it if it gets too stressful.

If you want your child to participate in more activities, then you should always start small. For example, if your son/daughter likes to play soccer, start with house league (once a week in the summer). Maybe if your child really likes it, let him/her try out for an all-star team (with more practices), and if they are really committed and it doesn’t get in the way of personal needs, then maybe even try out for a rep team (practicing many times a week).

In conclusion, I think that if your child is interested in something or if you believe that it would be good for them, then go ahead and try it! Just make sure they’re not killing themselves and that they have fun!

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Katie Wang

Katie Wang

​Hi, my name is Katie Wang and I am 12 years old. I was born in Scarborough, Toronto on January 7th 2003. I currently attend Tomken Road Middle School. I love to play soccer, build Lego, and do anything related to art. My favourite colour is orange and some of my favourite foods are noodles, lasagna, pizza, and oranges. I really enjoy writing (like writing essays and stuff not actually the action) and journalism and that is why I joined Voice K. And… that’s all you need to know about me! :D

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