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Who doesn’t like magic? To make a rabbit appear out of a hat, or to make a simple illusion to trick others? Even if you don’t, you will fall in love with magic once you watch this show. On November 14, I had the opportunity to go to Sony Centre to watch and meet a famous Canadian magician and illusionist—Darcy Oake!

We went early for our VIP meeting with a rather tall and strong guy compared with any other magicians I have met. The room started to get filled with people. Darcy Oake met with me and other young journalists and signed our posters and book.

There was still about two more hours until the real show, so we went to a tiny event about magic downstairs. The host started talking about magicians and different types of magic. We were introduced to the stories of some masters in magic history. I remembered the stories of Doug Henning—a Canadian magician from Winnipeg. Of course, Houdini was mentioned! After the talk, we went upstairs and we went inside the theatre for the show. The lights dimmed, and the show began.

“Magic isn’t real,” Oake told the audience, but as he said it, he started his famous dove trick that got him attention on Britain’s Got Talent. Magic became real with Darcy Oake. The lights pointed to him on stage, and he made doves appear from thin air, one after another. The audience applauded. He also shared stories about his childhood and his memories of learning new tricks.

At some point during the show, he asked someone to help guard his wallet, to make sure no one touched it.  He asked a few people for a number that was important to them. After they gave their numbers, he got his wallet and presented the numbers on a 649 OLG lottery ticket. Everyone was amazed on how all of the numbers appeared on the lottery ticket.

In another act, he asked people to answer questions about their childhood. He wrote something down on a board, then asked an audience member an important question. When he revealed what he’d written, it was the answer the audience member had just given! He was also able to answer some trickier questions. He asked the volunteer to say the first random word that pops into her head. The girl chose ‘Moo.’ Darcy turned the board, and it was correct!

Darcy is also an escape artist. He did the water torture cell trick in his last act—but with a twist. He had three locks that he had to unlock without breathing. There was a square box that would be filled with water, and he would hold his breath until he could unlock the locks. And guess what? He survived!

Every act from beginning to end was jaw-dropping to all. His shows will never be forgotten. His talent will inspire magicians. Let’s bring magic to life!



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Selena Xu

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