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(Inspired by Bethany Moda)

Does your house look plain and boring? Well don’t worry because these amazing Christmas DIY decorations will give your house the sparkle it needs. They are quick, easy, inexpensive and fun to make! Clear out a flat surface and let’s get started.

Bouquet of Lollipops
This is a very simple and creative decoration that will brighten up your living room. As you can tell from the title, instead of a bouquet of flowers it’s a bouquet of lollipops.

What you need: 
– a Styrofoam ball (you can find this at any Dollar Store)
– a small flower pot
– a paintbrush
– some paint (preferably green)
– some glitter pens (green and red)
– a pallet


image (1)1. The first step is to paint the flower pot green. A green flower pot gives more of a Christmassy feeling rather than a plain brown one. You can get creative with the paint. I mixed up yellow and blue to find the perfect shade of green. Let it dry.

2. The next step is to create the actual bouquet. Place the Styrofoam ball on top of the pot. Slowly use the back side of a lollipop and punch a hole right above the rim of the pot. Push the lollipop all the way through until you can’t see the stick anymore. Repeat this step over and over around the bottom layer right above the rim of the pot. Use different coloured lollipops and make it multicoloured, it should be an assortment after all.

image (3)3. After you’ve done the first layer, continue on to the second one. It’s the exact same procedure. What I did with my bouquet was to add a different type of lollipop from time to time. It will give your bouquet a layered look and will give it more definition. Repeat these steps until you’ve reached the top of your Styrofoam ball.

image (4)4. When you’ve reached the top of your bouquet you have a choice. Either continue the same procedure as before and make it look the same as the other layers or add a cool shape to top it off. Some ideas for the cool shape could be using three different lollipops forming a triangular shape at the top with your favorite flavor in the middle (as shown in the diagram).

5. Finally, add glitter! This step is totally optional since your bouquet already looks amazing. But if you do want to add even more you can use your glitter pens to draw small green flower patterns and a big red bow on the middle of your flower pot. There, you’re done!!

Sparkles with Snow
This is another easy and fun DIY decoration to make. It will give that feeling of winter in your room. The best part is you can get creative with it! Choose your own designs and patterns and make it your very own sparkly snow in a jar.

What you need:
– small glass round top jar (you can find this at any crafts store)
– some cotton balls
– assortment of beads (your color preference)
– glitter (optional)


image (1) (1)1. The first step is to create the “snow.” And we all know snow is kind of fluffy. Loosen up the cotton ball by ripping it apart ever so slightly to create that effect we want. The degree of fluffiness is completely up to you.

2. After you’ve made the puff balls start stuffing them into your jar. In between every layer of fluff, add some of your beads and push some onto the side. If you don’t have any touching the glass then you won’t be able to see the colors. I made mine so that every row has a different colour and bead shape.

image (3) (1)3. When you get to your last layer on the very top make sure you put lots of beads. You won’t be adding another layer of fluff because you want to see the different beads looking at it from the transparent lid.

image (4) (1)4. The last and final step is to add some glitter! Once again this is optional. If you like the way your jar looks now then you can ignore this step. But if you’re like me and want to add some shimmer then use your glitter pens and draw any designs you’d like. On mine I added a rim of silver glitter, some green and blue Christmas trees, a red candy cane and some snowflakes. You can go online and search for Christmas symbols and get inspired by them.

I hope you had fun making these decorations because I sure did. If you make any yourself please send us your pictures, we’d love to see them! Whatever you do, remember to stay creative!


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