Brace-Odontist Chapter 2

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I screamed in shock. I wanted to jump around and continue screaming. I wanted to tell my friends immediately. A new sibling. A kid. A boy. A baby boy.

(The next day…)

“I got braces.”

“I’m not blind.”

My friend, Isabel, was always the one who could make comebacks in a second.

“There’s something I need to tell you.”


“I’m going to have a brother.”



My friend stared at me like she’d seen a cat cough a furrball on my face.

“Oi, don’t complain. You won’t be bored now.”

“I won’t be, but I feel like I’m GOING TO DIE!!!”

“Not exactly, but still. My older sister says she loves to tell me what to do.”

“Fine. I’ll try to deal with it.”

I guess I felt better after when Isabel said that. Wonder what I could do now to my annoying sister…

We walked down the hall to get to our lockers. Some people were staring at me, like crazy. Was it because of my disgusted face from the thought of my new brother? I can imagine a lot of things that could happen when he turns out to be exactly like my sister. Fighting, punching, arguing. I can’t stand it.

We got our stuff and we walked to history class together. The bell rang, and we entered the classroom. It didn’t even look like a classroom. It was like a tea shop with desks.

“Welcome, my children.” A soft and misty voice called out.

“Today, we shall cast ourselves into the wonderful, but horrible past. We shall also think and cast ourselves into the future!”

Isabel gave me a disgusted look. We looked in each other’s eyes, and she could tell what I was thinking—that the class would be more boring than we thought.

“My name is Professor Tannenbaum. You may have seen me before, because I try to find any mysterious clues on the hunt of the missing squirrel.” Isabel and I started to giggle, but Professor Tannenbaum didn’t notice. “During this term, we will be focusing on famous historic paintings and their owners. Please take out your book, which is waiting to be read, and flip to page ten, which is about explaining history in a skillful way.”

Isabel looked at me and I got a feeling that she had a plan. She found a piece of paper, and scribbled on it. She gave it to me and it read: Crazy lunatic. Reminds me of Professor Trelawney.

I started writing what I would’ve said out loud:That’s what Ron would’ve said, Weasley.

I passed it to her, and she started to scribble furiously. She passed it on to me and said:

Harry Potter addiction again? Take a Harry Potter chill pill already.

I laughed silently with her, but then we got interrupted by Professor Tannenbaum.

“Are you focusing on the reading process? The book can’t wait to be read, my dear. What is this?” she said, holding our notes. “Please, my children, passing notes is not accepted in my classroom. ”

The rest of the time was boring. We learned about Leonardo Da Vinci and Mona Lisa. I have a Mona Lisa replica in my living room. It’s so creepy. It stares at me wherever I go.

“That is all for today, my children. You may go to the cafeteria.”

I was so relieved. She never let us do anything in groups. She said that you have to use your own imagination, not others. What a jerk.

I walked to the cafeteria and I got the worst food on the planet: beans and bread loaf. I wondered if they could give us fries and burgers. I found a seat and started eating. Isabel and my other friend Crystal came to join me.

“I heard that you have a baby brother AND braces! Yay!”

“It’s private. No one really knows. Keep it a secret, kapeesh?”

“Kapeesh starts now!”

“Come on, isn’t it going to be fun?”

“I don’t think so. How would you like it if you just got braces, then you just waited for 1 hour and you find out that your mom isn’t fat, she’s having a baby and she didn’t tell you all along?”

She didn’t talk to me after that, which was boring, but I guess it was ok.

“Guys, guess what?” Isabel says.

“What?” Crystal says.

“I got two Apple products!”

“My mom is so weird. You know, I asked her if I could get two Apple products, and the next day, she gave me two apples. One Red Delicious and one Fuji.” I said.

“That’s one crazy mom you got.” They both said together.

We almost finished eating, and Crystal screamed like a maniac and said,“HEY, EVERYONE! GUESS WHAT? AMY HAS NERDY BRACES ON!”

Everyone laughed, except me. But then, I see a guy, who is not laughing at all. Instead, he stands up and he says loud and clear:

“What’s so bad about braces? They just help you straighten your teeth, and they don’t look nerdy. Look at her, she still looks beautiful with and without braces.” After that, he packed his stuff and just shrugged off. I stared at him, walking outside. He is like my dream man. I don’t have much in mind. The only thing I can think of is to bring him to a school dance.

To be continued in Chapter 3

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