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Kids’ Experience at Junked Food Co.

by Emma Zhang (Age 10) and Eddy Zhang (Age 8)

Daily dessert cups, Whack Mack, Deep Dish Pizza and pizza waffles are only some of the choices you have at Junked Food! We went to this very nice restaurant after school. We (Emma and Eddy) loved it so much! Everything was very original and unique. We also had the chance to interview the manager of Junked Food, Vince Farago.   

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The smell of oil fills the nose the second you enter Junked Food. The place was dimly lit and there were crate-like towers as seats. Beside the cashier in the front, there was a big menu you can choose from on the wall. Vince Farago and his assistant, Brian McKilligan, came up with all the ideas for their food. Everything is something you’ve never heard of or tried before. For example, the owners of Junked Food put together some dark chocolate chili, cheddar cheese, sour cream, chili sauce, and jalapeño to create their Junked Chili Poutine.


“The best part about this job is making my customers happy,” said Farago. There are 300-400 people that come on weekends and 50 to 150 that come during the week. Farago said that he is happy with the number of the people that come every week. They would also like to bring Junked Food into different cities. Farago and his assistant play around the kitchen to see if their creation works .


”The best part is people enjoying their food and the worst is dealing with all the money,” said Farago. He also told us that the hardest part of being the manager is all the long hours they do because they open at 4:00 am in the morning. They decided to open Junked Food in Toronto because there is a lot of traffic and people. They try to keep the price fair.


Our favourite Junked Foods were the Original Smash Bag, The Deep Dish Pizzas, the Grilled Cheese Donuts, the Dessert Cup and the Chocolate-Oreo Shake. If we had to decide, the Smash Bag would be our most favourite item. It had things like cheese, lettuce, chili Doritos, olives and sour cream which went really good when you put them all in your mouth.

Overall, Junked Food was a great experience for us! We would like to come back sometime and recommend it to anyone who has a Junked appetite!

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