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Mythbusters at the Ontario Science Centre


Lights, camera, action! The original TV series Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition has made it to Ontario Science Center. On Tuesday, June 9, 2015, Voice K had the opportunity to visit this explosive exhibition.

Inside, there was food and drinks. Bill couldn’t stop eating! After, Voice K went inside the explosive exhibition to look around. There were many myths to see. There is a place that displays cool gadgets and videos. There were also many games for the visitors to interact with.  The exhibition uses scientific methods to explain some common myths people have. For example, one of the experiments tries to determine if it is possible for a human to dodge a bullet. In the game, you would try to dodge a flash of light. There are many fun games you can do there.

#MythbustersTO_EvanBergstra-94“One of my most favourite myths is where you run and walk in the rain and see which way you get more wet,” said Walter Stoddred, a scientist who worked on this exhibition. “I do research behind the scenes for new exhibits. When we have an exhibit that we brought in from outside, I have a privilege learning the science and sharing it.”

The exhibition has an exhibit where they see if a mini airplane can fly on a treadmill. Stodderd says that it is easy to just explain the science, but to do it first-hand in this neat way, he had to think about how to present it. The exhibition brought him back to his childhood.

Next, Bill found a boy named Matthew among the visitors. When we asked him about his favourite part, he told us, “I like dodge the bullet and dodging a paintball games because I think  they could be useful life skills.”

This was a wonderful experience for Voice K—make sure to check it out if you visit the Ontario Science Centre!

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