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Top 10 Back to School Shopping list

Edward Wang
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I know school already started but I know not everyone is fully prepared (I hope). So in this article I will give an overview of what you need to buy in order to have your teacher not be mad at you.

Writing Products

You will need plenty of no. 2 pencils to write and draw. Highlighters to highlight text when asked or needed to, you will need a neon/yellow one (maybe some blue and green too). Markers are one of the most important things, you will need maybe to go to staples or Walmart and buy one of those kind of fat and/or skinny markers in bright yellow boxes. Pens are the main thing at my school, you should get at least blue for writing and red for underlining, best if you can get green too for editing. Also you might want to bring some lead for mechanical pencils just in case.

Editing Products

By editing, I mean erasing and re-doing. Obviously by reading the first line, you will know that you will need plenty of erasers. Also some wite-out if you want, just in case you make a mess with some pens.

Special things

I just wanted to list some other things that weren’t on the other two lists. Ruler, not a king, a device for measuring, a long one about 30 cm might do the trick but the smaller ones might be ok. Calculator, I know, you’re not allowed to cheat in math but hey, you might need it sometime so just do it i guess. USB keys, only because if you do a project on like powerpoint, you might need to save it on the USB. Notebooks because you never know when to take notes so you don’t flunk your next pop-quiz.

Don’t forget to get a sharpener so you can always sharpen your pencils at anytime. And, a warm reminder to everyone to always, always bring a dictionary, never forget. Now it is fall, and in Canada, fall/autumn is a very beautiful season, so I hope with the help of this article, that you have a great and beautiful school year.

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Edward Wang

Edward Wang

My name is Edward Wang. I am in Grade four now. I go to Edenrose Public School. My favorite food is Pizza because it is so yummy. My favorite sports are soccer and hockey, because they allow me to play with my team members. If you want to be the winner, you have to work hard and smart together as a team. I also like to read interesting books and watch TV when I finish my homework.

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