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Thanksgiving is just around the corner. You are going to eat lots of Turkey, harvest corn and make key chains!! Hold on, what? This article will teach you how to make thanksgiving key chains. It’s really easy and you will master it in no time. Even my brother learned how to make it…


– pony beads (brown or black, yellow, red and orange)

– string

– scissors

– tape

– construction paper (brown, yellow, orange, red)


Step 1: cut a piece of string that wraps around your wrist 4 times. Then fold it in half. After you fold it in half tie 3 knots at the fold so that the beads won’t fall off.

Step 2: cut some tape and tape it down at the knot. You should have two strings coming out from the tape.

Step 3: put 4 different coloured beads in the order of your choice horizontally. Keep doing this for a guideline of where your beads will be on your chain.

Step 4: tape some tape on the ends of both your strings to make it easier putting the beads through.


Step 1: thread your first 4 beads through one string. Now thread the other string through the other end of the beads.

image (3)

Step 2: keep doing step 1 until you find your wanted length of your key chain.

image (1)

Step 3: tie another 3 knots at the end of the two strings.

image (1)

Step 4: cut 4 feathers with the different coloured construction paper.


Step 5: tape the feathers wherever you want on the chain for a finishing touch.



image (2)

As you can see this key chain is very easy to make. Make one for everyone in your family. Make them for your friends. Even for your cat!! Whatever you do, BE CREATIVE 🙂

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