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Cooking With Pumpkins

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It’s almost October, and soon, farms are going to be wiped out of pumpkins.  Other than carving out the scary faces and creating jack-o’-lantern, though, let’s put our delightful squash into more mouthwatering uses.

Before you dig into all of the candies you collected from your neighbors, there is one important part that helps you and Frankenstein to get your blood flowing: iron.  Well, there’s really no where to find iron if zombies are guarding the grocery store.  That’s why you only have one choice: the pumpkins.

Pumpkin Rose Buns

Why not start of your day with a smile if you can?  Pumpkin rose buns are literally in the shape of the rose, a wonderful and colorful flower representing care and love.  There aren’t a lot of ingredients to make breakfast, so let’s just go simple, but healthy.  These buns aren’t only delicious, but also a significant source of fiber and minerals.  Bon Appetite!

photo 5

Ingredients (Measurement below is good for 16 buns):

  1. All Purpose flour – 3 cups
  2. Mashed pumpkin – 1 cup
  3. Water – half cup
  4. Sugar – 2 tbsp.
  5. Yeast – 1.5 tsps.


  1. Put all the ingredients into the bread maker. Choose “Dough” option.
  2. Once it’s done, take out the dough and cut it evenly into small portions (about 100g each).
  3. Then cut each portion into 6 pieces. Knead each into a dumpling wrapper, and then stack them together with each layer shifted about a quarter inch from the layer below.
  4. Roll the 6 wrappers up into a cylinder. Cut in the middle to split the cylinder into two “roses”.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to make the rest of the rose buns.
  6. Place the rose buns in the baking pan and leave in room temperature for 10 minutes.
  7. Steam the buns for 30 minutes after water is boiled.
  8. Leave the pot lid closed for 5 minutes before taking out the buns from the steamer.

Coconut Pumpkin Pie

This is something that everyone loves to eat, and as its enriched taste enters your mouth, you will be refilled with the Halloween spirit.  Made with pie crust, pumpkin, coconut milk, and shredded coconut, it is indeed a very creamy and healthy pie. Though still very sweet, this will lower your blood pressure, a fit substitution for candy during Halloween night.  A lower blood pressure will probably also lower the rate of your jump scares?

photo 1

Ingredients (Measurement below is good for 6 inch pie):

  1. Pie Crust – you can buy refrigerated pie crust pastry from the grocery store if you want to save time. Otherwise, you can make your own pastry as link below.

  1. Pie Filling
  1. Mashed pumpkin – 300g
  2. Coconut milk – 100g
  3. Water – 100ml
  4. shredded coconut – 25g
  5. Sugar – 50g
  6. One egg


  1. Beat all the pie filling ingredients by using a whisk until the mixture becomes smooth, creamy and thick.
  2. Roll out the pie crust pastry to fit the pie dish, and then trim the edge.
  3. Slash a few small holes in the pastry to allow steam to escape.
  4. Pour the pie filling mixture into the pastry shell.
  5. Preheat the oven to 400F. Bake the pie for 10 minutes. Reduce temperature to 350F and bake for another 30 minutes, or until shell becomes golden.
  6. Leave to cool.
  7. Sprinkle shredded coconut on the top of the pie for decoration.

Pumpkin Mousse Cake

Cake – its tasty sugary mousse against a soft bouncy cake in the center – how nice.  Well, pumpkin cake is something you could never imagine.  Made of chestnut butter, chocolate cake, Jelly, and dressed with pumpkin mousse, you just can’t resist that happy feeling that you get from the creative dessert.
photo 3

Ingredients (Measurement below is good for 8 inch cake):

  1. Cake layer:

This cake is a chiffon style cake. Please refer to the link below to make a chiffon cake. The difference is that we added some cocoa powder here to make a cocoa flavored chiffon cake.

  1. Mousse layer:
  1. Mashed pumpkin – 250 g
  2. Unflavored Gelatin – 15g
  3. Whipping cream – 100g
  4. Sugar – 50g
  1. Jelly layer (this is optional. It’s my special order. ☺):
  1. Jell-O’s jelly power – half box
  1. Cake Top:
  1. Sweetened mashed Chestnut – appropriate amount
  2. One sliced Dragon Fruit


  1. Follow the chiffon cake recipe to make an 8 inch cake.
  2. Invert the cake onto cake circles, remove the parchment paper, and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Then split the cake into two pieces.
  3. Put one piece of cake into a mousse cake ring.
  4. Follow the Jell-O instruction to make the jelly liquid. Pour the liquid over the top of the cake. Place the cake back to the fridge until the jelly layer becomes firm. Put the second piece of cake layer onto the jelly layer.
  5. In a small dish soften the unflavored gelatin in 2 tablespoons cool water set aside.
  6. Bring the mashed pumpkin, sugar, and whipping cream to a boil. Stir it gently, until smooth.
  7. Heat softened gelatin on low heat, stirring to dissolve. When it’s completely free of lumps, stir melted gelatin into the boil. Then the mousse mixture is ready.
  8. Spread the mousse mixture over the top of the cake in the ring and smooth it with the spatula. Place the cake back to the fridge.
  9. Take the cake out of the mousse cake ring. Garnish the cake with sweetened mashed chestnut on the top and sliced dragon fruit on the surface.
  10. Store it in the fridge before serving.

Creamy Pumpkin Soup with puff pastry
photo 2

After all that sugar, let’s have something to calm you down.  Without your trusty grocery store, I’ll have to say that using the left overs of your jack-o’-lantern to make this savory taste is never a waste.   This soup is a very good source of vitamin A, C, and E, and will help you with stress relief.


  1. Mince half Onion, 1 piece of ginger, and two pieces of garlic
  2. Mashed pumpkin – 500g (This is flexible, depends on the soup thickness you like)
  3. Some chopped mushrooms
  4. Chicken soup – 300ml (Chicken broth could be a substitute too)
  5. 2% Milk – appropriate amount
  6. Refrigerated puff pastry


  1. Fry the onion, ginger, garlic, mashed pumpkin and mushrooms until fragrant.
  2. Add chicken soup, milk, and water to a pot.
  3. Add the mixture to the pot too and boil it.
  4. Pour the soup into small soup bowls (oven safe).
  5. Cut the puff pastry to the size fitting the bowl opening, and cover on the top.
  6. Preheat oven 400F. Put soup bowls into oven. Bake until puff pastry becomes golden.
  7. Ready to serve.

Pumpkin seeds    

Halloween is almost over, and the clock has struck 12.  The foods are also washed down into your stomach.  But before you finish, a quick snack will help you onto a new costume next Halloween.  There is no special recipe.  Just microwave the plain old pumpkin seeds for a couple minutes.  They’ll come out as something completely unexpected.  These seeds are an excellent source of vitamin D and Calcium, which will help you strengthen your teeth and bones, helping you grow taller.  All of that candy you got – you’ll need some brushing.  But snack on this snack to keep the dentist out of Halloween.  Don’t forget – pick the best pumpkins you can.  Happy Halloween!

Note: all recipes and photos are provided by Raymond’s mom.

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