Pumpkin Pie

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Yorick wasn’t happy. It was supposed to be his favourite time of the year! Carving scary faces out of pumpkins, dancing all night to loud music, eating all the candy in the world and not getting fat (not like he ever gets fat), decorating the small town of Dracholt with orange lights and ornaments; that’s right. It’s Halloween!

Yorick was a skeleton, a monster, and so was everyone in Dracholt. Halloween in Dracholt is special because midnight lasts for eight minutes, and that was when they hosted the annual Pumpkin Eating Contest. Yorick absolutely loved every single little bit about Halloween, but his favourite was the contest. Every year, a chef is chosen to create a dish with pumpkins and the contestants have to eat as much as they can in 8 minutes. Yorick was a master pumpkin eater; he’s known for winning seven years in a row!

So… why is Yorick so sad? Here’s what happened:

This year’s chef was Grey Hegir, a werewolf who had always despised Yorick and he was making pumpkin pie for the contest. The competition area was a large room filled with Halloween decorations and a long table where the 8 contestants would be served their food. There were 8 judges to count for the participants and later on crown a winner.

The clock struck midnight, and the eating contest began. All the contestants began to wolf down the pie. Yorick took one and took a large bite, and instantly noticed something weird. It tasted kind of spicy, but he ignored it and continued to eat. His bites were much larger and he chewed almost two times faster than all the other competitors. He was feeling confident and it helped with his speed. On his fourth pie and about a minute into the competition, he began to feel the spiciness stinging his mouth, slowly getting worse and worse. Yorick knew what was causing it; ghost peppers.They were extremely popular in Dracholt (ghosts loved them). He dropped the pie he was holding in his hand and clawed at his throat and began choking! The judges and the other contestants seemed to notice and watched him in alarm, but didn’t do anything. He grabbed a bottle of water and chugged it down, but it didn’t do much help. When he couldn’t bear it anymore, he just collapsed.

When Yorick woke again, it was November 1st, 12:24 AM. The competition area basically empty. He was perfectly fine now, but depressed. He had lost the competition to a zombie who only ate seven pies, and it just ruined his favourite part of Halloween. All his friends were crowding around him and he sat up, dazed and wondering how the peppers got into his pie and only his pie.

As he sadly left the stadium, he noticed Grey Hegir sneaking away, and in his back pocket of his pants, was a plastic bag full of ghost peppers.

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Katie Wang

Katie Wang

​Hi, my name is Katie Wang and I am 12 years old. I was born in Scarborough, Toronto on January 7th 2003. I currently attend Tomken Road Middle School. I love to play soccer, build Lego, and do anything related to art. My favourite colour is orange and some of my favourite foods are noodles, lasagna, pizza, and oranges. I really enjoy writing (like writing essays and stuff not actually the action) and journalism and that is why I joined Voice K. And… that’s all you need to know about me! :D

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