Brace-Odondist Chapter 1

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Important things in life never seemed to happen at the right time. Especially when I was younger, little things in life felt overwhelming. Sometimes, I wish I never had a sister, or a brother after. My siblings always supported each other, except me—the brace-odontist nerd.

X number of years ago…

“YOU’RE GOING TO LOOK LIKE A NERD!” my sister, Carolyn, said.

“Please stop Carolyn,” my mom said. She looked, well, fatter than usual, especially in

he middle. She probably just ate too many Angus burgers.

“This is going to happen to you soon, Carolyn,” I said.

“No! My teeth are perfect!” my sister showed her misplaced teeth.

“Ugh, sure.”


Am I? I hope I will still look cool with the braces.

My mom dropped me off and I walked into the waiting centre. I waited and waited until they called me. I nervously stood up and walked to the doors.

“Hi. My name is Dr.LaPointe. You are….” He searched for me on the list. “Amy McKaylan. This is Kate. She is my assistant. I heard you need braces,” he said.

“I guess so,” I murmured.

“We’re going to take a picture of your teeth. Sit.”

They showed me to the seat.

“Smile!” they said together. I smiled and then frowned. This is starting to feel worse. I sat back in the big dental chair.

“Ok, now we put this in your mouth. This might feel weird for you,” Kate explained as she shoved some weird plastic-y gunk into my mouth.

“Now we wait. This has to harden.” A minute later, they took it out.

“Now for the bottom,” he said.

“What?” I said.

“Yes, we need it.” They placed it in my mouth again. After a while again, they took it out. They talked to each other for a while, then turned to me.

“You have an overbite. You might need headgear at some point. You will need to keep your braces for about 3 years, since your teeth are shaped differently than others. So… see you tomorrow for your braces!” he said. I walked out of the room and saw my mom. We drove home. I waited, for the dreaded day was tomorrow. I wish it had never happened. I never visited there again after I took my braces off.

-The Next Day-

“Hi again! So, let’s get your braces on today! It’s pain free, so relax.”

He glued on the pieces and wires, which took a while. Then he asked me what color I wanted.

“Lime green please.”

He added the bands of green and told me to get up.

“While you have braces, you cannot eat sweets, or things that can stick to your braces. Also, you will need to use some other things to clean your teeth instead of a toothbrush.”

He went on, and on. At the end he asked me if any of the wires were poking my teeth, or if I felt uncomfortable.

“I’m fine, I lied.

He gave me all the stuff I needed, and I went out of the room. I felt weird; my teeth were  hurting so badly. I stayed in the waiting office for an hour and I got bored. I checked my phone, and saw a phone call from my dad.

“Honey?” my dad said.


He talked to my mom for a few seconds and went back to the phone.

“Mom’s in the hospital, so she can’t drop you off at school or pick you up tomorrow. She’s busy.”

“What’s wrong with her?”

“She’s having a baby boy.”


“A baby boy!”

I hung up, surprised.

I’m having a baby brother.

To be continued in Chapter 2

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Selena Xu

Selena Xu

Hi , my name is Selena Xu and I go to the school Springfield P.S. I am participating in Voice K because I found out recently that Journalism is something that I have passion for. I like Music because it is like listening to the wind. I like Minecraft because it is very challenging and it helps by working hard to find the rarest thing , diamond. I hope you like the work I do!

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