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Tips to get around in New York

Emma Zhang
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Tips to get around in New York

by Emma Zhang

      New York is a BIG city with a LOT streets and avenues. I learnt a LOT in my visit to New York. So, how do you get around? Well, in this article, I will give you a few tips for getting around in the Big Apple.

a NYC street sign 7ave 44st

a detailed view of street constructionTip 1 WALK. Yes, walk whenever you can. It helps the environment of New York City and it is also good for physical exercise. You have feet! Use them! New York’s sidewalks are always crowded, but, they’re full of interesting things along the way. New York has its Avenues laid east to west and their streets laid from the North to South. The further north you travel, the bigger the street number becomes. The further east you travel, the smaller the avenue number becomes.  

metro card nycTip 2. USE THE SUBWAY. New York’s Subway system is fast and convenient. It’s almost always on time and fits many people. Sometimes it’s a bit stuffy and hot in the subway. Subway stations can reach ALMOST everywhere in New York. That also means that you can get lost anywhere in New York too! Make sure you know the final destination of the direction you are taking.



Tip 3. TAKE A TAXI OR PRIVATE CAR SERVICE. This is a very common way of getting around in New York. It may be expensive but very efficient. A taxi is not ALWAYS reliable, though. I once encountered a man with disabilities waving for a taxi, but could not get one. We helped him get a taxi. Here’s a little tip: don’t plan to take the taxi anytime between 4-5 P.M. because that’s when the taxi shifts end.Copy of Yellow taxi NYC

Tip 4 . BIKE. There are many bike renting stations in New York. There’s always room for you to zoom through crowds of people! Biking in New York with citi Bike costs $7 per hour and $19 per 12 hours.  

Tip 5 . HOP ON THE BUS. This is very convenient way for people to get around in New York!! You can find them almost anywhere in this gigantic city!

Okay, so remember that! New York is a humongous place! Remember to have fun and also, don’t get lost!

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Emma Zhang

Emma Zhang

Hi! My name is Emma Zhang. I am born in the year 2005 in June. I enjoy skiing, swimming and archery. I play two instruments; the piano and the zither. I love Teddy Bears. I can’t imagine life without them. The thing I can’t live without is my teddy bear; Tim. In my spare time, I like browsing on my computer, draw cute cartoon characters or wander around the house. I enjoy playing chess with my friends. I love traveling to different places and seeing different cultures. I enjoy meeting new people. That’s all you need to know about me!!!!

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