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The Wizard World Fun Park

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Where can you go on March Break? Well, here’s a suggestion: Wizard World Fun Park in downtown Toronto! It’s a great place to have fun and frolic among countless game booths and rides! Wizard World Fun Park is a place for kids of all age groups, especially kids aged 5-8. Of course, that doesn’t mean that older kids can’t have fun! Lets have a look at what is really inside this indoor amusement park.

At Wizard World Fun Park, there were a few awesome rides. There was one called the “Spinner.” It twirled the cars around in a circle, but it relied on your own power to spin the cup itself around in a circle by twisting a plate. The faster you twirled the plate, the faster you spun. It could make riders dizzy after getting off, and slightly nauseous if you have a weaker stomach.

There were also bumper cars. The bumper cars were easy to drive on the floor, and it was fun charging full-speed at unsuspecting people. Most people would turn around and give an angry look that said, “I will bump you 10 times stronger than that bump!” The bumps weren’t dangerous at all, but gave you a good shake. Several people, after getting off, would sprint towards the end of the line to go on it again.

Wandering inside the big building, we noticed a ride that looked exciting: Spider. It left us quite shaken. There weren’t any seatbelts, and you had to rely on your own muscles to make yourself feel safe, so that you weren’t going to fall out of the ride. It was tipping so bad that it felt upside-down, and the seats were fairly slippery. It was safe, yet you felt insecure. Another exciting thing about the ride was that when someone was getting on or off, the movement caused the people at the opposite side to lean precariously near the edge of their seats.

A Fun Slide is what you needed to calm down your nerves, and you climbed the steps, wondering just how dangerous-looking it was, and how precarious it could actually be. It was a giant slide with ups and downs that allowed you to slide straight off of the slide sitting on a sack. There were three lanes: teal, green, and yellow. You put your feet into a tiny pocket at the base of the sack and slid down. The sack made you slide faster on the slide, assuming that you pushed off hard enough. It was more exciting than it looked, but thankfully less dangerous. We went quite fast, and the experience was exhilarating!

The rides weren’t the only attractions around; there were shows as well. There was one particular show that caught our attention, held by the Ontario Falconry Centre. A man showed different live North American raptors to the audience. He then invited people to come up and feed the bird! Michelle Zhou from Voice K got an opportunity to feed the red-tailed hawk. It worked more like this: the audience member would put on a leather glove and hold a piece of meat between the thumb and the forefinger. A whistle blast signals the bird over to perch on the glove and gobble up the meat. There was a six-year-old bald eagle which the adults fed. Everyone then got a chance to have their picture taken with the red-tailed hawk.

“Exotic” animals attracted adults as well as kids. It was basically a tiny version of a petting zoo. There were camels, ring-tailed lemurs, zebras, Shetland ponies, llamas, rams, Japanese silk chickens, and more! We got to see zebras up close and even got to touch one! There was also a pony ride for five dollars on the Shetland ponies.

The Orient Express looked extremely boring and rather dull, but nevertheless, we tried it. It turned out to be amazing! The ride’s mechanisms were deafening to the point that you could barely hear your loudest scream! It went up and down, which can seem pretty boring, just turning three wobbly, uneven laps. The ride went at an amazing speed, accelerating to such a high rate it had to go backwards because it went ahead so far when it was time to stop. The coaster was rickety, making it even more fun than it may seem!
Wizard World Fun Fair is located in different places in downtown Toronto every year. Overall, it was a great place for family and kids to have fun.

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Amelie Zhou

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