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The Red Tailed Hawk

Sky of Central Park
Edmund Wang
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The Red Tailed Hawk (by Edmund Wang)

Today we took an adventure to Central Park and saw a nest and inside the nest were three baby hawks and one adult.The adult was feeding the three cute babies. The baby’s fur is covered of white and grey.

The mom and dad has a beak that is curved down and they grow by their age. You can find them in (depending what season it is) almost every part of North and South America.They eat mice and some rats, and very rarely eat chickens. Hawks are different because their feather colour and where they live and their names.

Looking at hawks is very enjoyable at looking. I had a great time looking at red tailed hawk.


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Edmund Wang

Edmund Wang

I am 7 years old. I like eating pizza. I like playing soccer. I am excited to be a journalist.

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