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The Oscars 87th Academy Awards

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You’ve watched it, you’ve heard about it, it’s… THE OSCARS! This year presents the 87th Academy Awards on February 22, and it’s better than ever! Many talented actors and actresses gathered around for the exciting Oscars, and at home we all watched it as we waited anxiously to hear the results of the winners. It was an interesting experience for us all: the speeches, the hosting, and the actors and actresses on the red carpet.


The Oscars is a great place to discover both the beauty and weirdness of fashion. “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months,” quotes Oscar Wilde, and that is a true statement because fashion is always changing. One day, something might be the most popular trend in the world, and the next day it would seem like the most ridiculous thing ever! Let’s take a look:


Weirdest Dress Award: Dana Perry and Lady Gaga

Even though there has never been such thing as a tie when it comes to the Oscars, we would still award both Dana Perry and Lady Gaga for weirdest dressed. Lady Gaga’s dress was very big, and she wore big red rubber gloves. Dana Perry wore an interesting black dress with furry black fuzz balls.




Best Dressed Award: Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick was stunning. She wore a very subtle, light pink, flowing dress with a diamond necklace that matched her earrings.






Fanciest Dressed Award: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez certainly wowed the audience with her gigantic dress. She wore a dress that resembled her skin tone, decorated with an abundance of jewels and sparkles. The dress was puffy, long and looked really extravagant.






Neil Patrick Harris was this year’s host for the Oscars, and he brought the audience a whole lot of laughter! The audience especially enjoyed Harris’ musical “Moving Pictures,” in which he sang about different movies and how moving pictures can change your perception of things. Anna Kendrick made an appearance in the musical and so did Jack Black, who performed a spoken-word number. Throughout the Oscars, Harris made many jokes that kept the audience entertained. One particularly interesting moment was when Harris showed up wearing only his underwear, to which the audience burst out laughing! This definitely took a lot of guts to show up like this! His acting was very on point and it seemed like all of his jokes were actually improvised on the spot.

Last year’s host was Ellen DeGeneres, and they were both hilarious. They both had good jokes that kept the audience amused, but in our opinion Ellen DeGeneres was better at presenting the jokes and acting. However, Neil Patrick Harris’ musical was better than Ellen DeGeneres’ opening monologue. Either way, they were still both exceptional hosts!


Every Oscar winner needs to give a speech. Some speeches were more emotional, and some were more humorous. Some winners seemed more prepared, while others seemed surprised to be honoured with an Oscar. All the speeches were truly inspirational, but there are a few that stood out from the rest. On that note, ladies and gentlemen, we present the Oscar Awards for speeches!

Best Speech Award: J.K. Simmons


J.K. Simmons won the Oscar Award for “Best Supporting Actor” for the movie Whiplash. His speech was inspiring, meaningful and passionate.

Simmons took his time to thank his wife and to tell his kids that they are just like their mother. Speaking of mothers, in the last part of his speech, Simmons told the audience to call their parents on the phone, not text or email, but to actually call them. He finishes his speech by thanking his own parents for all that they’ve done for him.

“Tell them you love them,” explains Simmons, “and thank them, and listen to them for as long as they want to talk to you.”

Most Meaningful Speech Award: Common and John Legend


Common and John Legend performed their song “Glory,” which was a huge hit! They had people cheering and crying over the song, which won the Oscar Award for the “Best Original Song” before proceeding to talk about civil rights.

The Legends started off by thanking God. Then, they talked about performing on the same bridge as the people of the civil rights movement. The bridge once symbolized a divided nation, but it is now a reminder that we can still make a change.

“This bridge was built on hope, welded with compassion,” Common Legend said, “and elevated by love for all human beings.”

Most Inspirational Speech Award: Graham Moore


Graham Moore won the Oscar Award for “Best Adapted Screenplay” for the film The Imitation Game. He won the Most Inspirational Speech Award because of the message that he told the audience.

Moore wanted to dedicate his speech to all the kids out there who think they don’t belong, just like he once felt. He says that one day, they too could be standing on this stage.

“Stay weird. Stay Different,” Moore said. “And then when it’s your turn, and you are standing on this stage, please pass the same message to the next person who comes along.”

Most Excited Speech Award: Eddie Redmayne


Eddie Redmayne sure looked surprised to have won the Oscar Award for “Best Actor” for The Theory of Everything! He seemed unprepared to be awarded the Oscar, which explains why he kept repeating things and jumping up and down like a little child.

Redmayne couldn’t stop smiling and looking at his Oscar. He seemed very confused yet excited to have received the award. The funniest part of his excitement was when he stopped mid-sentence to look at the Oscar to exclaim, “Wow!”

“We have a new fellow coming to share our apartment!” finishes Redmayne. He is, of course, referring to his Oscar as the “new fellow.”

Most Memorable Moments


There were many memorable moments this year at the Oscars, but our favourite was when twin sisters Tegan and Sara performed “Everything is Awesome” from The Lego Movie. It wasn’t only the sisters that were on stage, but a whole bunch of dancers that were dressed up as characters from the movie. It looked as if the animated movie had come to life! The most exciting part was when they started handing out Lego Oscars to the audience! It made us want to have one too!

Later in the evening, Lady Gaga performed a mix of three songs from the widely-known The Sound of Music, as a tribute to the movie. The Sound of Music was first released in 1965 and won five Academy Awards. After her wonderful performance, Julie Andrews, the actress who played Fräulein Maria, embraced Lady Gaga and announced the nominees for Best Original Score.





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