Lone Ranger on Lone Island Chapter 3

Michelle Zhou
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I got to the row boat, but it looked like someone was planning a little fishing trip. “Whoops! Sorry! They sent me for some fish to go along with you! Hey, dude, come to think of it, it’ll be great! You want to join me? Wait, where are you going?”

The cannibals raced past me. I crouched in the grass as they came back a short while later. It was obvious they couldn’t find me and were scared that the chief would get mad. I ran to the other side of the island, expecting paradise. What I found replacing my imagination was a barren land. There was not a blade of grass to be seen, save a huge pile of wood. Instead, there were rocks spread all over the sandy ground.

Fortunately, I managed to make a fire with the wood and rocks. I tried to build a shelter, but I never really did succeed. All I actually ended up with was a very strange looking pile of rocks. I started to consider the frighteningly dangerous growling noise that seemed to be close. Where was that coming from? It emerged from a stomach that could only be mine.

It was the second day. I paced back and forth beside my campfire. The little pool of fresh water was all I had. No I was not hungry. I was STARVING. Suddenly, a cool, relaxed, but terribly strange and familiar voice rang out on the beach. “Yup, let’s just collect all the little skitters. Oh, silly me, you don’t speak English.”

Doodooda seemed to not care that I had vanished at all. He probably thought I escaped. Lucky for me, the natives and Doodooda didn’t see a strange monument in the middle of nowhere that was there only since yesterday.


Days later, I built a raft! The worms really do seem to like my raft, and so it was troubling to get them all off. I used some wood, and I stripped up my jacket and part of my shirt for string to make the raft. I learned that there were scorpions under all the rocks, except Doodooda called them skitters. Slow-boiled and fried scorpions are good! If you ever had them, you’d be eating pink polka-dotted blue-orangey scorpions for the rest of your life. Oh yes, the scorpions also ate my hat and my shoes as well, so now I’m freezing.

I set out on my raft to the huge ocean before me, with a huge supply of dried, cooked scorpion. I spent days practicing twiddling my thumbs and juggling. I can now twiddle my thumbs five hours non-stop at 22 km/h. Also, I can now juggle 37 scorpion eyes three hours non-stop at 100 km/h.

One day, a huge cruise ship passed by. It was called the Thessaly. Someone leaned out of a port hole and noticed me. He or she yelled something at whoever was inside the ship. Minutes later, I was being hauled up on deck with a million ropes. The captain came up to meet me, and somehow, I knew him from somewhere.

To be continued in the final chapter,  Chapter 4 !

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Michelle Zhou

Michelle Zhou

Hello. My name is Michelle. I am currently in grade four. I go to Silver Stream Public School. I enjoy reading comics and writing short stories from the top of my brain. I have an identical twin sister named Amelie. I like doodling, skiing, making myself dizzy, and doing handstands under the water. I like experimenting with computers, but I get into trouble. The only successful pets I have now are two nine-year-old fish without names. If you were to put me into one of the categories, Girl or Tomboy, I have one half here, and one half there. I will do almost ANYTHING possible to continue sleeping in most cases. That is all you need to know about me.

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