Lone Ranger on Lone Island Chapter 1

Michelle Zhou
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Dark clouds flew swiftly across the sky. The roll of thunder and the flash of lightning in the distance warned me that there was going to be a very dangerous storm at sea. I hoped my ship, the Storm-Tamer, was going to be OK. I couldn’t risk another chance losing a ship. My lawyer always makes me deliver too many explosives, and I had survived too many accidents. I would lose too much money for destroying another ship of mine. I could not buy new ones.

“Lower the sails,” I cried.

“Aye aye, captain!” was the hearty response I got. I often lose my ships by electrocuting them. That was another way I got in the accidents

I got off the ship’s deck, leaving it to the first mate. I wasn’t exactly sure if this was fine, but I sailed for 11 years, starting at 14. I knew this isn’t the best idea, but I did this before. I went down to the kitchen. The cook looked pretty annoyed at the thought of cooking for his son, the cabin boy. His son always went at food like if he ate any later, he’d starve to death. He did that to anything edible, poisonous or not. He made everyone watching feel hungry, almost like the lovely poster ads drawn by the great artists.

I was still considering my trust to the cook and his son, the cabin boy. Well, I thought, that cook was an international criminal, and still steals my gold occasionally. No, make that weekly. He steals my money weekly. The cabin boy is pretty strong, handsome, but ever so dumb.

People wondered why I couldn’t get another chef. They didn’t realize no one wanted to board a ship delivering explosives. Only poor people or criminals did this, because I actually pay them.

My thoughts were interrupted by the cook. “Hey, I just noticed something that you really need to know, and you will want to know.”

He led me above deck and pointed to the distance. There was an island, with jagged rocks, all around it, and on the beach. “This island has lots of jagged, sharp rocks under the water. This has once been a looting place of mine. I know this place well. We will sink. Thought I would just warn you.”

I didn’t hear him; I knew that this was dangerous. I didn’t have a single bit of control of this ship’s route because the storm was blowing all over the place. I was surely going to die, right? The cabin boy walked up. “Time to kidnap?” he asked his father, spraying all his gross, mushy, chewed-up food all over me.


Before I could recover from the shock of the question, the cook snuck up behind me and gagged me. He tied me up, and gave me like a useless package of dead rats to his son. The cabin boy grabbed my ankle and spun me around. I went faster, and faster. Then, finally, he let go.

To be honest, flying was actually pretty fun! I saw a volcano and…I squinted. Wasn’t that a…a pile of straw and a tree house? That was weird. What was a tree house doing on an abandoned island? I decided to start thinking about the cook’s betrayal. I turned and saw my last home go. It was moving.

Who was steering? It occurred to me that the cook barely even saw a steering wheel before, better less use one. I caught the faintest glimpse of the first mate, cackling. I was guessing they were going to use the explosives for some large scale crime purposes.

I went head first into a coconut tree. That struck me as weird, because I never saw a coconut tree. A monkey kicked me hard and I flew towards the ground.

I landed on a thin layer of gravel, spread on a spiky rock. Now I had a bruised chin, and in other places where you can’t see it. I then looked up to find a brown-skinned man with a knife, wandering around.  He walked with a funny sort of walk, like he had a stiff, wooden leg that was about to collapse. He spotted me, gave a crazy scream, and ran towards me. Dark spots started swimming before my eyes, and before I knew it, I blacked out.

To be continued in Chapter 2

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Michelle Zhou

Michelle Zhou

Hello. My name is Michelle. I am currently in grade four. I go to Silver Stream Public School. I enjoy reading comics and writing short stories from the top of my brain. I have an identical twin sister named Amelie. I like doodling, skiing, making myself dizzy, and doing handstands under the water. I like experimenting with computers, but I get into trouble. The only successful pets I have now are two nine-year-old fish without names. If you were to put me into one of the categories, Girl or Tomboy, I have one half here, and one half there. I will do almost ANYTHING possible to continue sleeping in most cases. That is all you need to know about me.

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