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Do you know the movie Madagascar? Do you ever wonder what zoo they used in the movie? Well, today we found out.

Central Park extends to about 843 acres and covers 3.5 square miles. Even though it looks very natural, it’s actually all man-made.  That includes 25,000 trees, seven bodies of water, 136 acres of woodlands, 250 acres of lawns, 58 miles of walking path, 36 bridges and arches. Central Park has about 40 million visits per year, making it the most visited urban park in the United States.

In 2002, scientists discovered a new species of centipede at Central Park. It is a little less than half and inch long the species is called Nannarrup hoffmani and it is one of the smallest centipedes in the world. The park also has approximately 9,000 benches.  It is also almost the same size as San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, Chicago’s Lincoln Park, Vancouver’s Stanley Park, and Munich’s Englischer Garten.

Central Park has about 50 hot dog and/or ice cream vendors and features 21 playgrounds. The park has also been a Historic Landmark since 1963. The real estate value of Central Park  estimated by property appraisal firm Miller Samuel in 2005, is approximately $529 billion.

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