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Central Park Sheep Meadows

Katie Wang
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Sheep Meadows (by Katie Wang)

Central Park isn’t just full of trees and puzzling pathways. Sheep Meadows is Central Park’s largest lawn, and it’s the perfect place for people to relax in the sun, have picnics and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature away from the hectic streets of Manhattan. Later in the interview with Jim McGuire, we learned that picnics was banned when the park first built. The designers of the park had a different vision about the meaning of “recreational.“

You may be wondering, why is a large field of grass called Sheep Meadows? This lawn was originally home to a flock of sheep from 1864 until 1934. Today, although there are no sheep here, they have kept the name Sheep Meadows.

Sheep Meadows attracts millions of visitors annually, and we were some of those visitors. As we approached Sheep Meadows, we immediately noticed two main things: the lawn was HUMONGOUS, and Sheep Meadows was absolutely beautiful. Surrounding the grass were lofty towering trees and behind the trees were tall buildings. The view was gorgeous!

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Katie Wang

Katie Wang

​Hi, my name is Katie Wang and I am 12 years old. I was born in Scarborough, Toronto on January 7th 2003. I currently attend Tomken Road Middle School. I love to play soccer, build Lego, and do anything related to art. My favourite colour is orange and some of my favourite foods are noodles, lasagna, pizza, and oranges. I really enjoy writing (like writing essays and stuff not actually the action) and journalism and that is why I joined Voice K. And… that’s all you need to know about me! :D

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