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From far away you could hear music playing and kids laughing. You might have heard about all the cool things in Central Park in New York like the Boat House and the Zoo. But I bet you didn’t know that there was a carousel as well! A carousel is a merry-go-round typically found at an amusement park. The most popular carousel is the horse carousel, with painted ponies, carriages, mirrors, lights, paintings and carnival music.



Though, this carousel in Central Park was a little bit different. The horses and carriages were still there but they were all HAND CARVED. Can you imagine hand carving 59 wooden horses? To be honest they looked way cooler than the ones at the amusement parks, which are nowadays mass produced. The colours had a very dim glow. They fit together like cake and cream! Ok I’m sorry, I’m just so fascinated by how amazing this carousel was designed. The Central Park Carousel is known as one of the largest merry-go-rounds in the United States. It was originally installed at Coney Island in Brooklyn, but then they moved it to Central Park where it is loved by all.

To add on to the cool facts about this carousel, it is the fourth generation to be found in Central Park. The first carousel installed lasted until 1924 and it was powered by a mule. The next two were steam-powered and both destroyed by fire. It was not until 1950 when they found the perfect carousel with 57 hand-carved horses and 2 carriages.

If you’re the type of person who hates all rides then this place is DEFINITELY for you. You will learn to love carousels. Even Katie (one of the other journalists) who hates all rides learned to like carousels. I didn’t get to ride the carousel this time, but next time I come to Central Park I’m surely going on and going to have some fun.

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