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Central Park Boathouse

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Loeb BoathouseThe Loeb Boathouse was the name of the restaurant/bar in Central Park. Voice K’s journalists visited on Day 3 of their 2015 trip to New York City. We were hungry after walking around and conducting some interviews. We arrived for lunch at noon on June 29.

The Boathouse Loebs had a snack bar available for takeout. The place had been a port for the park’s boats. That was how it got its name. Sailing in the miniscule pond had grown in popularity since 1800.

Some of the yacht owners started to push for a “storage facility”. That dream was not realized. However, the petitions led to a major redo of Central Park. The Boathouse was also a huge success.

The shack was built and served many purposes. It soon became a glorious sight. Frequent rowers rested there. The original structure lasted until 1912.

Starting then, the area existed as a redesigned building. The architect had been infamous. The team had manipulated city planners and construction companies alike. They forced many landmarks to be rebuilt and changed their way.

The Boathouse was again torn down in 1947. It had been in disrepair and was abandoned for what seemed like centuries. It was renovated into a restaurant in 1973. We visited over 40 years later.

Loeb Boathouse Snack Bar

The Boathouse was a dimly lit room. We saw many doorways with some that led to the beer storage areas. The beautiful view of the pond could not be seen at the low-cost snack bar area. It was available with a seat at the more expensive Deluxe Dining area.

The tour lead, Jim McGuire, told us about the park. Some families waited in line inside. Mainly, only small meals were ordered. The journalists all sat together at a large table.


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