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The Kinokuniya Japanese Bookstore

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The New York City Kinokuniya Bookstore – located right beside the Bryant Park– is a multi-level shop that Voice K visited during its trip to midtown Manhattan in 2015. We came across lots of stationeries, accessories, containers, and lively paintings on the wall. The children especially loved the cool atmosphere and wide range of products.Some of the most captivating materials included gigantic maps that could be folded into coin-sized pockets and back in just a few seconds.

When we visited the store, its front entrance was under construction, make it easy to miss. The ground level is packed with English novels, art and design books and English non-fictions. You can see book titles such as Star Wars by Shakespeare and How to Survive Everything.

The basement level (1st floor) is filled with various neatly organized but diverse categories. It holds mainly Japanese fictions and non-fictions. However, it is also where you can find all the stationeries and intriguing gadgets. From Japanese fashion and cartoon-sticker magazines, reference atlases, health guides to fantasy novels. At there, we found an world atlas published by National Geographic – an industry standard. The girls from Voice K loved the Washi Paper Jewelries and the mini music boxes.

The third floor is filled with Japanese mangas and a mini-cafe that serves Japanese food and cakes.

The modern setup and cozy surroundings brought my family back for a second visit after visiting MoMA and Toys R’ Us Plaza later next day. . Surrounded by innumerable treasures that continuously exceeded visitors’ expectations,  whether made for the young children or the most resourceful philosophers, nobody was ever bored discovering Kinokuniya New York.


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