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Off the Wall Frozen Yogurt

Angie Yu
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On July 1st, we discovered this amazing frozen yogurt place called Off the Wall in the busy midtown Manhattan. The store had a futuristic look and the yogurt dispensing machines looked  like small robots with colourful spirals in the middle of them.

It is a self-serve frozen yogurt store. The store layout is intuitive. As we entered the sweeteria, I could tell right away that you were supposed to squeeze out any flavor frozen yogurt you want from the wall. If there is any flavor you like, you would pull a black plastic lever that my height could easily reach, and then rich, creamy, colorful and delicious frozen yogurt would come out from its nuzzle. If you wanted to try a sample, there are little cute cups the size of a ping pong ball that you can squeeze a little frozen yogurt into. You can mix any type of flavor with another, and it’s so exciting to experiment and play around with lots of frozen yogurt flavors!


There are so many fun flavors that you can taste! Here are some examples: juicy orange, minty chocolate, and sea salt caramel. Don’t those flavors sound delicious? Well, they are! The rich yummy taste brings joy to your tongue. The best part is that most of the flavors aren’t too sweet.

Before you dig into your yummy frozen yogurt, don’t forget to add  toppings! You can also pick your toppings by yourself. There are gummy bears,cherries, sprinkles, and lots of more candy. There are also fresh, cut-up fruit like mango and strawberries. Yum! My personal favourite is just a red cherry on top like an ice cream sundae.


All I can say about Off the Wall is: What a sweet treat palace! l loved it!  It was an awesome experience to go to Off the Wall. Next time you go to New York City, make sure you visit one of the most amazing frozen yogurt places of all time!

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Angie Yu

Angie Yu

Hi everybody! My name is Angie, but when my mom wants my attention, she calls out my sister’s name instead. So when my mom calls my sister’s name, she basically wants both of ours attention. My favourite subject is art because there is always something interesting and new to learn in art.

My hobbies are skiing in the winter, synchronized swimming in the summer, and also, playing piano. My favourite food is pizza of course. Everybody likes pizza. I like pizza because:

1. The cheese is so chewy and it can stretch really long.
2. The tomato sauce is so creamy and makes the pizza not plain.

I live in Mississauga, Ontario. That’s the end of my introduction!

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