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NYC Manhattan: City at First Sight

Jeffrey Li
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The airplane went vroom, vroom, vroom as we flew in and our group began descending into the edge of the Brooklyn metropolis. It marked our arrival at the prominent nearby suburb in the afternoon of June 27, 2015, under a clear but cloudy sky. We hailed a taxi from the puny LaGuardia airport heading to our hotel. I saw license plates of at least 25 states and provinces on my first day walking around the midtown’s busy, crowded streets. It may not be large in terms of land area – Manhattan is only a few square kilometres big. However, New York is America’s most populated city.


journalists at YotelYotel was an aesthetic, economical, and innovative resort where we stayed during our trip. This modern, intelligent, and revolutionary lodging’s setup confused many of us at first. There were robots storing people’s luggage at entrance. The elevator was pitch-dark with mirrors on all sides, and the only buttons were Lobby and Four. We didn’t know that the fourth floor was the place where you can check-in, get food, and also find another set of elevators to go to your room. Despite these challenges, the families were able to quickly settle in and enjoy a nice, quiet lunch. The Voice K group met and discussed the week’s plans. . After lunch, I thought it was already dinnertime because of the dimmed lighting in the restaurant area, but it wasn’t dark outside. We noticed that there were hexagons everywhere all over the building! Yotel’s New York City venue had 24 of its 31 levels open to visitors – the others were reserved for business, closed down due to construction, or considered to be unlucky.

In the afternoon, we visited the generations-old, multi-ground Macy’s building. The place was packed with visitors all over the world. The building took a huge space, it must be the world’s largest department store.  There, we were able to reflect on this busy city that keeps gather talented people together – New York. This megalopolis had been one of the most influential cities in the world for the last century. . The city’s endless sky-high buildings extended so far up that we couldn’t see their tops without exceptional weather.  A notable difference from busy Toronto’s busy downtown area, which felt close to identical to  this New York bustler, was its large, yellow sea of taxis. Maybe a large majority of the vehicles on Manhattan’s streets were these yellow fishes. The constant horning of the cars passing by make our hearts beating faster. All these thoughts made me wonder whether this one small dot on the map would stay atop of the world forever.

In thKid Reporters at Matildae evening, we attended ‘Matilda’ –  a well-known late-night performance. Unlike in Toronto, where shows share theatres, this Broadway show was celebrated enough to receive its very own theatre.

New York is unique with its  grid-style road structure. This made it easy for us to navigate through the city. The further north you go, the street number goes bigger, and the more east you go, the avenue number goes smaller. We also noticed many restaurants and shops along the way. Almost every restaurant offer takeouts. New Yorkers can get not only Pizza, but anything they want by delivering.

Overall, my first thoughts of New York City were truly incredible.

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Jeffrey Li

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