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Gyukaku Japanese BBQ

Sunni Zhou
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Gyukaku BBQ meat

The smell of delicious meat entered our noses and we walked through the the doors of Gyu-Kaku, a very popular and delicious Japanese BBQ. The decoration of the restaurant made you feel as if you were dining in Japan. There was a huge diagram of an ox/cow showing all the body parts that we eat. Plus, the seats were made of leather and felt very comfortable. The waiter was very professional and served the food in an orderly fashion. Since it was a self cook BBQ there were stoves attached to every table. And yep you guessed it, there was a lot of steam. I sat with a table of 5, and we ordered the Kandu Course. The meal we ordered consisted of beef, chicken, fish, scallops, noodles, fried rice, pork buns, vegetables and even dumplings!!

As you probably know meals are served in three sections, starters, main course and the dessert. Our waiter served a variety of starters. The chicken garlic noodles looked like golden goodness! With a light dash of red/green peppers and finally sprinkled with seasoning. The garlic rice bibimbap was very delicious and it had a great texture. It had onions and eggs, mixed with some chopped ham. I didn’t particularly like the fried Shishito Peppers because it was extremely bitter. They looked like hot jalapeño peppers but they didn’t taste that spicy. The hot oil seared salmon was very interesting. I usually don’t like salmon but this unique way of cooking the fish made it absolutely delicious. It also had a lemon flavour which added a great finishing touch. The final starter served was the steamed chilli shrimp dumplings. I really like the outside layered because it was crispy and the inside had lots of soup.

After all the starters, the waiter served us main courses. Basically all the main courses we’re different types of meat with different types of flavouring and seasoning. The first one was the Kobe Style Bistro Hanger Steak Miso. It was large chunks of beef with a little sweet taste. It tasted very good and it was rich in flavour. The second, th
ird and fourth served were also different kinds of beef. I remember one of the flavours were a little sweet and sour. Even though it was all beef, using different methods of cooking can make them taste very different. The next one served was the cod fish. I really liked the fish because it tasted very delicate. After, we ate the scallops. I didn’t really like how the scallops looked like because the looked like blobs of jellyfish… The last two dishes served was the spinach and the mushroom medley. I think it was a good addition to everything because it were the only vegetables.

Unfortunately food doesn’t last forever… After we ate it, it was gone. One thing that’s fortunate is that this restaurant is a chain restaurant so there are some in Vancouver, Canada 🙂 If you want to go there sometime, the one we went to was in New York, Times Square (321 W. 44th St New York, NY 10036). I hope to someday experience this kind of restaurant again, self cooking, delicious and a restaurant I will never forget.


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