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Bryant Park

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Large fields of grass, towering trees, tables littered with chess sets and pieces, and lots and lots of people. Can you guess where I am? Bryant Park is the perfect place for people of all ages to have picnics, compete in games of chess and ping pong, meet and interact with friends and family in the cool shade of large London Plane trees, or just relax in the warm sun on a large field of green grass. On June 28th, the second day of our adventure in New York, we visited this beautiful park.

bryant park chairs

Colourful chairs at the park

Bryant Park has been a celebrated public space for over a hundred years. It was once the site of Crystal Palace which was one of New York’s first major tourist attractions. Bryant Park was named after New York Evening Post editor William Cullen Bryant. In the 1970s, Bryant Park fell into neglect and disrepair, and in the 1980s the Bryant Park Restoration Corporation (which is now known as Bryant Park Corporation) was created to restore and reclaim the park for citizens of New York to enjoy. They did this by adding a large lawn and fences separating the park from the city streets, which is now the design of the magnificent park you see today.

The weather that morning was not cooperating with us at all, but luckily, just as we were making our way to Bryant Park, the day instantly became beautiful. The sun emerged from the clouds and it was the perfect temperature for a day at Bryant Park.

bryant park Le Carousel

Le Carousel

There are many things to do at Bryant Park. There are things for all kinds of people. For example, for bookworms, there was a little area for people to sit and indulge in books. There was also an area for people to have fun and play games, such as chess. For kids of younger ages, they can ride “Le Carousel”. People can also play ping pong in the park. It is especially nice to do these activities in Bryant Park because people are surrounded by nature. Not only is Bryant Park a park full of activities and nature, but every year, the park hosts over 800 free public events, unique performances, and activities. Unfortunately, it had rained that morning so the gigantic lawn was off limits, and we couldn’t explore and have fun on the large lawn on fresh green grass. About six million people visit Bryant Park every year, and Bryant Park has 4120 moveable chairs and 800 tables for these visitors.

Chairs at Bryant Park

A movable Bryant Park green chair

sunny day yoga at Bryant park

Yoga at Bryant Park on a Sunny Day

Bryant Park is definitely one of the nicest parks in New York. There are loads of things to do and watch, and it’s a great way to spend some time with family and friends. If you ever visit New York, it would be a shame to not visit Bryant Park and experience the wonderfulness of this park!



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