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Salute to Hazel McCallion

by Emma Zhang (age 9)

Recently, Voice K had the opportunity to tell our longest serving mayor, Hazel McCallion, about how we adored her. Three journalists from Voice K each made an official speech to her in person!The event is called “SALUTE TO HAZEL,” a party at the Mississauga Living Art Centre for the community to thank our retiring mayor.  I saw a stage and a GIGANTIC cake when I walked in.  One of the big halls was filled with crafts that had something to do with Hazel. There was also a big wall for people to leave their words to the mayor. I made a headband that said, “I ❤ HAZEL.”

When I met up with the Voice K group, my legs were shaking. When the host finally called “VOICE K MAGAZINE,” I walked carefully onto the stage. Once the microphone was handed to me, I started with a few, slow words. “Our mayor is an outstanding mayor,” I began very slowly, “I’ve seen her in many community events….” In no time, I was finished. I passed the microphone on for the next speech. I thought, ”Well that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Here is Emma’s Speech for the Mayor:

Our mayor is an outstanding mayor. I’ve seen her in many community events. Once I saw her at a StreetFest during my birthday. I also saw her at a Christmas parade. I never miss the part where she comes in! I’ve seen her at the City Hall during the New Year when my choir sang there. Recently, I saw her at the Terry Fox Run. Our mayor is honorable. She takes part in lots of community events and makes a lot of effort. No matter whom our next mayor is, our Mississauga has already become strong. Hazel McCallion used a lot of determination and hard work for Mississauga to be the best place it can be. Hazel McCallion is our mayor that we will always remember.



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Emma Zhang

Emma Zhang

Hi! My name is Emma Zhang. I am born in the year 2005 in June. I enjoy skiing, swimming and archery. I play two instruments; the piano and the zither. I love Teddy Bears. I can’t imagine life without them. The thing I can’t live without is my teddy bear; Tim. In my spare time, I like browsing on my computer, draw cute cartoon characters or wander around the house. I enjoy playing chess with my friends. I love traveling to different places and seeing different cultures. I enjoy meeting new people. That’s all you need to know about me!!!!

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