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unity festival
Raymond Qiu
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Does breakdancing or beatboxing fascinate you? Do you ever just want to act out and show your hidden talents? Or maybe you are just lost in this in this world? If yes, then I know the perfect place for you. Voice K visited the UNITY festival on June 26, 2014. UNITY is a group that engages and empowers youth to become leaders in their community. They do that by connecting youth with Urban Hip-Hop arts like legal graffiti art, beatboxing, and breakdancing.

UNITY started seven years ago, first it was just an idea, then it grew and grew. The Voice K journalists got a chance to interview Michael Prosserman, the founder of UNITY.

“Unity started when I was in grade 11, it was a class project, and over the years it’s grown and grown and grown and now it’s a national charity. All from an idea I had in high school. It went from an idea, to an event that we held in high school called ‘Hip-Hop away from Violence’ and then it turned into this festival and organization that does work every day of the year.”

There are many who love dancing, but not many are like Michael, who shares his experience and inspires others. When Michael was growing up, his mother was sick, which caused Michael stress throughout his childhood and put pressure on Michael to mature at a young age. Fortunately, he found what he needs.

“Beatboxing and breakdancing can help you control your stress because, when there is a lot going on in your life, you can just, get away from all your problems. Just let it out.  Just draw, and you can feel all the anger go out the pen or start to beatbox and you can feel all the energy and stress come out through your lips. So I feel it’s a very healing tool for young people to express themselves.”

Since 2007, UNITY has reached over 30,000 young people across Canada.

“UNITY impacted my life very dramatically, I was a lost teen and didn’t really know where I was going down the road and it actually gave me an outlet to express myself and I’m really fond of myself for who I am through hip-hop” says Branden Taylor, a festival performer.

If you’re a fan of Hip-hop and the urban arts, drop in to the UNITY festival and get inspired by a whole new view of the urban arts.



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Raymond Qiu

Raymond Qiu

Hi there! My name is Raymond Qiu. I’m 11 years old. My favorite sports are swimming, skiing, and volleyball. I also enjoy playing Chess and Lego with my friends. On the breaks, I love to travel to cool destinations to take pictures and enjoy the delicious food. When I’m tired of homework, I like to create random pieces on the piano and be my own audience. I admire those who can speak many different languages, and I wish I could learn more too. This great skill can help me communicate and make friends when I travel, and also support me become a businessman with a global business in the future. Let’s start from VoiceK.

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